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I am in my way

This morning i was up bright and early at was at the gym when it opened at 6.30am, i did 50mins of cardio then 20 mins of weights. Felt great and ready to face the day. I thought i would try and post my foods as well, maybe if i write them down then i will see where iam going wrong. This morning i had porridge and skimmed Milk, a snack was an apple, i was out all morning so by the time it was lunchtime, i should not let myself get that hungry,it could have led to a binge, but i held it and had gilled chicken and cous cous. More Fruit,then myself and G took the Kids to the park, they all had ice cream, did i??? No i did not :D i am so pleased with myself. A small step, but a step all the same. I had promised everyone that i would make Pizza tonight. so i have made it with ww cold meats and ww chesse, i have to be honest it was lovely, they all liked it, and it was no where near the amount of fat in it than any other pizza. So all in all a pretty good day, i am tired this evening, though i am going to go on the wii fit for a few minutes. Then a little tv then bed. I am sure if i keep this up my weigh in on Friday should be a good one.
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I did not post yesterday, i was feeling pretty down in the dumps which has continued on today, hopefully i will feel better tomorrow will have an early night tonight, get myself to the gym in the morning. When i have down days like this its usually means diaster for my diet, but so far so good i have kept on track, i think i realise that if i bad, i will feel worse. Todays menu has consisted of porridge and skimmed milk, was not feeling hungry beween breakfast and lunch so no snack, lunch was a wholemeal chicken wrap with an apple. Dinner Tonight will be a low fat curry with veg and brown rice. i really need tp pay more attention to my water intake, it has not been great, so on that note i am off to get some water, and hopefully i will return brigheter and happier tomorrow.
Was at he gym this morning i did 50 mins cardio and 20 mins weights, i always feel great when i have been, Thursdays are always busy days for me so i have not had to time to worry about my diet today which is good, i worry everyday, am i doing enough? i am so fat just the nomal worries, lol My mood is a little better today tomrrow i should be back to my useual chrirpy self. Today as i said was a busy day so breakfast was on the run, after the gym i had a oats cereal bar, not great but low in ww points, lunch was a salad with a portion of grapes , diner this evening shall chicken with potatoe and cauliflower and peas, some gravy for the family,i may have a little. My water intake was not much better today, i will keep on trying. Its weigh in day tomrorrow so i am a little anxious to see if my first week back on track has shown some results.
Well my weigh in yesterday morning went well, i lost 3.5lb i am so pleased with this result, motivation to keep going. I went to the gym yesterday morning and i did my ususal 50 mins cardio and then my weights. I also did 20 mins on the wii fit last night doing the yoga. Today being Saturday i dont usually go the the gym but i decided to change that and get some carido in, i did not have much time but i was able to fit in a 20min run on the treadmill, which is better than nothing. This morning for brekfast i had scrambled egg white with 2 slices of brown WW toast. Lunch was a cod fillet with mixed veg and fruit salad. Dinner tonight is going to be a vege burger in a wholemeal bun. I may indulge in a couple of vodkas tonight with diet giner ale. My mood has lifeted somewhat and i am feeling a little bit happier. I will keep the head down and hopew for anouhter good loss on Friday.
I dont know what it is but i am not feeling much happier, the gym usually helps when i am feeling down but it is not really helping me these last few days, i am sure it will pass soon. i have been trying to loose weight on and off for such a long time i sometimes wonder will i ever do it? I am really determined at the moment and i am at the gym working out most days i am accounting for everything i eat and i mean everything, the days of just putting it in my mouth and forgetting about it are gone, it just feels like i am climbing a mountain and i am never going to reach the top. I feel very lonely doing this as well,my family are supportive but i dont think they really understand. I am just so tired of it all, i feel that i putting all my efforts in to this that i have nothing left. i am going to leave it here for today because i read this back i am just being moaner today. Ah well head down and keep going.