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I am joining ww tomorrow, a few questions pls

Hope you don't mind me picking your brains with a few questions, I am coming over from sw so need to get into the ww mindset lol.

Firstly, is the pp points wheel finder sufficient for getting points or should I buy one of those electronic calculator thingys?!

Secondly, I understand that fruit and non starchy veg is point free. Can you puree fruit and veg and keep it point free? On sw you can with veg but not fruit. What about cooking fruit e.g. a baked apple?

Thirdly, any tips for my first meeting tomorrow of things to buy, ask etc?

Oh and sorry one more, how do you find the points where you don't know the nutritional info such as raw meat/alcohol etc-are you given access at the meeting to go online for this?

I am sorry so many questions!! I want to do it properly, I lost 12 pounds on sw but need something more flexible now and ww pp looks good.
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I am an ex sw-er & can say hand on heart that propoints is the best 'diet' i've ever used. In 10 weeks i have lost 21lbs while eating all my daily allowance (29pp) & the majority of my weeklies each week & have never felt in the least bit deprived or hungry.
At your first class you will get your blue folder which contains the wheel, a book which explains the plan, a pocket guide & a book that has lots of food listed & their pp values. You build your folder up weekly but really, everything you NEED you get in the first meeting. I would definitely recommend joining the monthly plan- not only is it cheaper than paying weekly but you get access to esource & if you have an iphone all the features of esource are available on the ww app. I bought a calculator from ebay (excel) for about £2.00 which i have built up with a lot of my favourite foods & eating out places as well. I really hope you enjoy it as much as me. I can't praise the plan enough.

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