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I am new, but old!


is a naughty girl...
Good morning ladies and gents.

Hello my name is Megan and I am a heffa!

I have been on her many times - I hate to admit. This time will be my last attempt. I am just telling myself to do until christmas - even though I know I need to be on much longer than that! ;) so here is to the next 7.5 weeks, today is day 1.

I just wanted to introduce myself, I have done this before, got the t shirt, the t shirt got too small and has now ripped open, been on the down and the up, know all the tricks - but am amazed at what I still learn.

I hope you all have a lovely day :) x
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welcome back im a returner and i will not be doing this ever again once i get to target i cant feel the way i have been feeling about myself again!.. good luck xxx


Slowly but surely x
You will do this, darl. Use Minimins as your lifeline, cos I do xx


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Hiya Megan

I remember you from the last time i was on here - about this time last year!!

Good luck lovely! We'll get there...

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My husband = My hero
Hi Megan!

Welcome back hun!

Good luck with your restart!!



please try again
hey megan, welcome back to the fold, lol

as you can see im always here
It really is good to see you here - and everyone else too. I have tried umpteen times to get back on track but without coming back on here - and it just doesn't work. It's so good to be back in here and have people around who understand what is going on.
A lot of us seem to be back with renewed enthusiasm. We know it works and we know why we fell off the wagon so this time round we can deal with our various demons which make us fall off. We can stick to it and get to goal, maintain and be happy with our new healthy slim selves!

Hugs to you Megan

Jill (I know it's confusing when my nick is AlexIce but Alexandra is my middle name - I answer to either)
Hiya Megan!

This about my third 'back for the last time', LOL - so I've given up saying stuff like that!

Definitely a good idea to think about this in 6-8 week chunks. I've got around 6 weeks before all the work Christmas Dinners kick in (I've been invited to 3, for heaven's sake :rolleyes:) and although my intentions for those are currently quite good (I could just eat the turkey and veg...) :D :D. Yeah, yeah. :)

Welcome back!

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