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I am odd...

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Eeeeeewwww!!! LOL Glad you liked it x


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I've never had one or chicken soup. Choc shake girl here!
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least you do like it hun it gives you a bit more virity but i must say i dont think i will be that dearing lol tried it once and it put me off. xx


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got my first flapjack today........... so good to read it wasn't too bad for a first timer :)
I eat mine on Thursday evening :)
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Personally I've avoided the flapjacks as I find it much easier to stick to the shakes and avoid any of the sensations associated with 'eating'! The fact that they're bloody horrible, according to virtually all other LTers, reinforces my strategy!
I had to take me flapjacks back.
I forced the peanut one down, but couldn't even finish the coconut one.
Too salty and not a nice texture.
It's a shame as I would love to chew something occasionally.
i was sick the first time i ate a flapjack and then the second one made me heave so thats it no more flapjacks ever.. and funnily enough i loved chicken soup when i started but now i think its just rank and if thats all they had when i went to pick up my LT id just eat for a week rather than face the soup again !
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I love the peanut flapjacks. I have one every day. I break it in two pieces and have one half for lunch and one half for tea. Its just like having tea and biscuits. Yum,yum.
I find it is too filling to eat it all in one go.


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Hooray for Angie! I like them too.
I thought they were a bit rank when I first started eating them, but soon really looked forward to them. Very nice with a hot drink or some sparkling water to help it down (can be a tad dry otherwise)


I will do this!!!
I just dont understand you people!!!!! you LIKE the flapjacks?!?!?!


a new way of living!
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nice with a hot drink - yummy, i take mine in the cinema with a fresh coffee, instead of popcorn and soda. works for me.
I am glad you liked it, it will make a good change for you!!!

Even the smell makes me want to be sick!!

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