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Attack I am pigging out BIG TIME!!!!

On holiday at the moment. All inclusive and the food is just so lovely but I am guilty in that I have stopped completely so will be going on the Attack phase when I return on Saturday. I feel bloated and to go to the loo was hell with a capital H. I feel the Dukan diet makes the bowel lazy, obviously its not in use as much when in full Dukan Mode. I have gained around a stone I bet.....sadness is overwhelming me after how well I was doing :sigh::cry:
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Don't get down about it Cteena, what's done is done and you can't change it! You know yourself that guilt is counterproductive so don't let yourself wallow in it or in perceived failure x Just try and moderate while you're still away and hit attack straight away when you get back!
Thanks for the encouragement guys! I am looking forward to getting back home now. This time tomorrow we shall be on the big bird home :) I have enjoyed but there really is no place like home!!!!

First things first after the cuppa, I am going to weigh myself. On the bright side it may not be as bad as anticipated but on the bad side it could be worse than before. Fingers crossed:)
Fingers crossed for you Cteena x
The worst thing has happened today...well, not quite the worst BUT close....we haven't been able to get to be weighed. It would be more accurate on Monday in all fairness but its just the anticipation of it all!
I'm having a bad few days dukan wise. Had a Chinese on Wednesday night and cake and wine as it was my cousins leaving do. Then I had wisdom teeth taken out on thurs and then got a nasty infection as a result which had left me in a lot of pain and feeling run down in general. I managed to stick to dukan til yesterday when I had lasagna with the rest of the fam and have had southern fried chicken and wedges today and am eating chocolate ATM. It's making me feel a lot better so I'm not gonna beat myself up about it and just get back on the wagon as soon as this infection goes which doc says should be by Monday. Good luck I hope u haven't put too much on! I'm gonna try not to weight til I'm firmly back in the swing of things
Hiya Jade :) I have complete sympathy with you on your wisdom teeth. I had mine took out and BOY was it painful. I hope you are better soon. Back to the Dukan diet completely today and I am going to weigh myself somewhere, even if I have to stand on a Luggage weight thing lol :) My partner is doing the same diet and has gained 7lbs over the last week but I have TOM coming up to so I would expect some water retention to be included in mine. Take care and get better anyhow :)
Hi Cteena,

Long time follower of the site but first time poster..!

If it helps, I had an all-inclusive week in Turkey and got back on Thursday - the week preceding that was my birthday week & I ate anything & everything in sight! I started with the best intentions but I just adore Turkish food & there was no way I could resist all the dips & lovely bread.. Total damage done = 7lbs (not great! But add in some pmt & I'm not too gutted with that!)

Have been back on Dukan with a vengeance since Saturday & I'm giving 30 day shred a whirl after reading reports on here. In total, still 23lbs down on my start weight so it will go when it goes..! :) Keeping my fingers crossed for you, for a nice surprise when you get on the scales..
Hiya, im so glad its not just me that goes on hol with good intentions of sticking to diet but fails miserably. Hope you had a good week and birthday!

I have been lucky and gained just 3lb, lost 1lb since monday when I weighed myself and back on 7 day attack.

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