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I am really happy...


is a naughty girl...
I really don't know how to explain this but I will try so please put up with this.

I realised at some point recently that this diet isn't hard hard anymore, I don't have to think, just do one more day Megan. I just get on with it. The weeks seem to fly by!

I am not going to lie there are times (normally when I am out at friends/pub) and lots of people are eating I get jealous. however I now think to myself 'I want that' rather than I use to be 'I need that' has anyone else felt this change? or am I just mad?!
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Nope, I began to feel this after a while too. It makes it so much easier, doesn't it! And people are always commenting on my "will power"...but i swear it's not that, it just gets really easy once you've done the incredibly hard thing of breaking the habit xx

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Well done to you both :) It's fab when you see and feel the results of your efforts and makes it all so worthwhile. xxx


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Just wanted to say what a lovely title for a thread :D:D:D I feel happier than I have in a LONG time too x


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I feel like you Megan, & I'm only 2 weeks in. All the things I thought I would obsess about don't actually bother me. I'm not hungry, feel more vibrant than I have in ages and actually are far less lazy. Even though I've only lost 14lbs so far, I can tell already and I'm looking forward to the new me emerging. Like you Megan, I just get on with it - and find just getting on with it not so hard at all.

I wouldn't want to go back to eating like I did, knowing that I shouldn't and when clothes were becoming my enemy. Sorry for the emotional post folks, but I too feel so happy about the journey I have started and intend to see through. Tx


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That's something to look forward to then. Can't wait til my heads in that place.


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Gosh I wish I felt like that. Every day is still a struggle for me.


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Me too Megan. I no longer have the craving for naughty food as I have a new addiction- I am addicted to the feeling I get every weigh in day and the rush of feeling in control of my weight for the first time in years. Food doesn't control me anymore and this feeling is better than anything I would get out of going for a meal or eating my favourite food etc. Good luck with the rest of your journey. xx


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It is good to hear that some of us have reached that point of feeling great on CD. Unfortunately I still have to fight the naughty gremlins that make me stare at food when I am out and sometimes feel a bit hungry. I am hoping that this will pass.


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LOL blingbabe I stare at food :D mainly that my hubby is eating as long as I'm not eating it who cAres :)

Glad you are feeling happy megan :D its an addictive feeling x

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