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I am shocked and horrified!

I thought to myself if i am going to do CD then I better weigh myself OMG!!! I am 5ft 10 and 18stone 5lbs how did this happen!! After that I was straight on the phone to mummy dearest and have told her I am going to do this diet, she would like information about this diet, but I dont think the CD website is that helpful and will persuade her to allow me to do this diet?? anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks Jodie x
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22 soon to be 23 on the 5th november
well its up to you your an adult and i think if you wanna do the diet go for it. the books the cdc's have explain everything and the pinky one has absolutely everything in it. im sure your mum will be supportive. as you are 5 foot 10 you will have to have 4 packs a day :)
Your CDC will have a leaflet available that is meant to give information to your doctor (a few of them won't sign people off for the diet unless they know more about it). Ask for one for your mother and there's everything she could possibly want to know about the diet in there!;)
Thanks u 2... I will ask once the CDC gets in touch still not heard anything :(
So many people are sceptical off this diet hun and of course they are. I think you need to reassure your mom you are getting all the nutrients vitamins minerals etc to stay healthy she will let you try and once she sees your results she will be over the moon. x Good Luck
The point to emphasize is that it is a carefully controlled, planned diet, with more nutrients packed into the meal replacements than most people get daily -- especially if they are eating fast food.
good luck with your cd journey go for it it works, if only when i was 22/23 years old i had decided to do something about my weight now im 35/36 and now losing weight i would have had a much "better" active life, go for it what ya got to lose x
Thanks for the support :)
sure your mom would rather you were a happy fit healthy 22 year old hun, had all my bloods checked the other day and all cholesterol and 'bad fats' were exceptionally low.... Doc was well impressed with me!! and my bmi is within a healthier range too!! Go cambridge!!!!!
well done getting there,,, im sure she would rather be fit and healthy, i brought it up with her and she said canyou not try any other diet lol ummmm ive tried every single one!!! and the only one that really helped was LL which i had to give up due to personal problems,,, so i thought second time round id try CD :D x
i love it when people say to me......have you not tried weightwatchers or slimming world??? Nooooo course not love i just thought i'd try and live off shakes for the sake of it hahahahaha I think for most of us CD is way down the line, it is tough but wow amazing results! and for me it's completely changed my relationship with food and i don't think i'll ever over eat again........yeah i'll go out for meals and thoroughly enjoy them but won't then think oh sod it the next day and carry on pigging out! God i go on a bit don't i hee hee x
No you certainly dont go on, i enjoy reading things like this, makes me c what ive got coming to me and also what to look forward too xxx
ooooooooh so much to look forward to.......i've just been on ebay and bid on some size 14 skinny jeans!!!!! and a size 14 monsoon top!!!! sooooooooo exciting.....and i've bought a PENCIL skirt today! would never have worn that 6 months ago! and i'm with you on the 'normal' thing, to just go in any shop and buy clothes, to buy something to eat and not think people are thinking 'you wanna give that a miss love' or being in a restaurant and thinking people are saying 'she's had a few too many meals'......oh i've thought it all and i've still got a bit of a journey to go (still want to lose a stone) but i feel soooooo different, it's given me a new lease of life hun x
you will get lots of support off here, everyone is so kind and encouraging it's great xxxxxxxxxx
Im excited for you hun!! you feel and think the same as me, sooo glad im no the only one, even walking into the doctors surgery i sit there and think hmmm are these ppl looking at me because im big ?? silly i know i know, i can't wait to get to the stage you are at, to be able to go to the shops with my friends and shop in the same shops as them GOOD BYE EVANS, GOOD BYE THE BACK OF THE SHOP FOR BIG LADIES nope lol hello to my monthly pay packet goodbye to it in all the "normal shops"! I would love to know what it feels like to walk into a pub or club when ppl look at you, but they are lookin at you for the right reasons!! Heres hoping my CDC gets in contact soon to start me off!
you'll get there hun!!! anyway i've got a date with a 'davina mcall DVD' time to get sweaty (it's a fitness dvd just realised that sounded dodgy) keep on posting so i can see if you start xxxxxxx
i will do take care, and erm have fun getting sweaty with davina hmmm?!?

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