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I am smaller but I feel bigger?!


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Ok, so this is bit of a weird one I think (although maybe I'm not alone in thinking this...)

This is my second time on slimming world, and so far I have lost 7.5lbs, but I also joined in January and lost a good amount, so my total loss from the beginning of the year is 2 stone.

Now this is totally brilliant, my old clothes no longer fit me and I know that I am thinner, but here is the thing. I am sooo much more consious of my body than I was before!! I hate my lumps and bumps more than when i was over 16 stone, but why is this?! I surley should think I look better, but I honestly feel so much more self concious and think I look awful in so many outfits, yet before I knew I was larger but didnt think I looked too bad?

Has anyone else gone through this or is it just me being weird? xxxx
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Oh honey i am so glad you posted this because I am exactly the same!! I never knew that other people get this, the feeling of still being big!

The only way I can describe it is like, you know how amputees feel about 'ghost limbs' - well I feel 'ghost fat' - that's how I describe it anyway. Does that make sense to you?

Oh mate, a kindred spirit! *hug*
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no i know how you feel.. ITs because your body shape has changed and i suppose its maybe easier to notice som things.

Ive found that the things that used to suit me clothes-wise don't suit me any more and i dont know what shape does as i was so much bigger for so much longer. and that's why i feel concious rather than my actual body

Instead of looking at negative points, look at your body positively - "this stomach was a lot bigger before. it's not perfect now but damn, look at how much smaller it is"!

turn the negatives around. And maybe try a personal shopper at Debenhams to see if they can help with clothes? i kno that clothes give me confidence if i look good in them so that may help?

it's easy to fall into being so self-critical, but u needn't be. You've done an amazing thing so congratulate yourself every time you go to pick on yourself :)

Mrs V

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I feel the same too!!!
I am more conscience of people looking at me now than when I was big. I feel that people are judging me more at this size for some reason!
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Im the same, was moaning to the OH about it last night actually! Not that i'm one to moan much of course ;)

Scarlet Daisy

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I know the feeling. At my biggest I blanked out any consideration of how I looked...I simply ignored my body and hoped that other people were doing the same. I wore dark, baggy clothes and kept my head down.

Now that I am slimmer, I like to take advantage of the fact and wear more fitted things. I've also become more aware of my shape, because at last I can begin to consider it, instead of just dismissing myself as a blob. Of course, accepting that I am not invisible means that I have to look at myself and judge myself. Damn. I'm never going to have a flat tummy, or perky boobs (this side of a scalpel).
BUT...I think I'm okay. In fact, I think I look SOOO much better than before.

Plus, as my b/f pointed out, a woman is SUPPOSED to have curves and a belly, and to be soft and warm... That's one way of telling she isn't a man.
i feel exactly the same - infact i just posted having a rant b4 i even read yours lol, so probably were all in the same boat hunny!x


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I work on the principal what is showing no was under the fat, its a bit like my floor today hubby is ripping it up, yesterday it looked fine but we knew the joist had gone rotten today there is a huge hole, it looks bad and stinks (earth floor underneath) but tomorrow it will look good again and better still it will have a solid joist.

In a few months I will look good and be healthier.


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Totally understand! When you feel a complete blob, you have no interest in clothes! Buy what fits. Now I'm coming down the scales, my weight is following an egg timer pattern! My mitchelin tyres are going down, I can feel my ribs! but I still have my "wad" ie my belly! Get your tape measure out so you can record that inches are disappearing. But I am all of a sudden getting an interest in buying clothes again! Keep trucking! It will happen to you!
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yes i know exactly wat you mean. i was 16 stone and i got down to 10.1 and i felt jus as big then. why is that???
well anyways i then became pregnant which was lik the best thing to happen in my life just not for my figure:( im now 14.9 and have t get back down. something i do often is look at my family and friends photo's and i look so dam hot, wat im trying t say in a very long way(ha ha ha) let your mind catch up with your body. you are a very beautiful ladie and if you dont c that aybe you should work on that for awhile.
sorry for the novel:L:L
but it is a true story x

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