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I am so unmotivated.....

Hi there, I am new to the forum. My second weigh in yesterday - only 4 pounds. I know It's 4 pounds I didn't have before, but I worked so hard last week. Went to the Gym 5 days, upped my water intake (3ltr per day). I am just so down about the whole thing as I am constantly hungry and thinking about food. I know this is doing me good and I should start thinking about my size and how I am feeling rather than my weight, but like I say - it's just so hard and iscolating sometimes.......is it just me??
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Hi Kiwi, I am not on Lipotrim but have just started management on Lighter Life pretty much the same kind of diet. Just hang in there, if you have just started exercising it may be the reason for the 4lb loss. Keep up the exercise if you can and just hang in there, it does work it will work and you will be just fine. Think of why you started the diet and focus on the end goal or just a smaller one to start eg the first stone.

Good luck!
Baby steps hun. You need to burn 3500 calories to lose 1lb and over a week that's asking quite a lot.

Set yourself mini-goals and work towards them rather then seeing only the big picture - I promise it'll help as you'll keep motivated as you reach these smaller targets. Good luck doll and jump on this forum if you're feeling down as there is always someone around to answer questions or to make you smile. :)


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the hunger should pass soon, you may be doing a little too much exercise if you are always hungry, try taking a little break and up it again gradually. its a tough diet anyway without making it harder. give yourself a little tlc. we are always here to spur you on. i would have bombed out in week one without this forum!


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3 - 4 lbs is a decent & average loss per week - you should be pleased :)

Show me any other diet where you are guaranteed to lose a stone a month :D You could sit on yer bum & do nowt & STILL lose a stone !

LT rocks !


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I would be doing cartwheels if I lost 4lb.So you have done very well this week.Over the month that would be 1st 2lb :eek:
Well done :clap:
Dear All, Thank you so much for you kind thoughts and encouragement. I really dont know where I would be without this forum and the support of the very kind and lovely people in it. Next Weigh in on Monday - feel so much more positive about the whole thing now. Thank you again. Kiwi xxxx

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