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I am Soooooo hungry today


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I have been sooo hungry this week (and maybe last weektoo), thats it's just not funny any more. The thing is that before if I was hungry I could have a drink and the hunger would go. This is different. I think its emotional hunger. Things aren't brilliant at home at the mo, and I think it could be me wanting mini hugs. Can't get the arms but I can have the food. Well I can't and thats that. Have chopped a bar up into tiny pieces, and its lasted 3 days so far. Hasn't solved the problems but the hunger goes even if its a sliver!


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have to say i am contemplating having some chicken & veg tonight with the family (they've got Lamb but i only bought 3 steaks)
will have to see what veggies i have in store
Awww Cheryl, nothing constructive to say but just wanted to send you HUGS, CD can be tough enough without feeling hungry into the bargain. Keep glugging the water, maybe a hot drink and brushing your teeth can help too.

Nikki - remember food may give you little mini hugs but it will give you a slap in the face later :D

Stay strong ladies, you're doing brill.

I am some days feeling hungry as well. I am in ketosis ( I think..) so that seems to be a bit of a myth. I am a weirdo but I actually like the feeling of hunger...makes me feel like I am doing something...

Water or a hot drink, that was good advise. It works for me.

hang in there all of you...



is gonna do it!!
Hi there,
I know what you mean about still feeling hungry. The first time i did cd I wasn't hungry at all. The 2nd time I was hungry ALL the time. But I think it was because I wasn't as motivated to do it as I was the first time around.
I spoke to my CDC about this issue and she said the more times you do the diet, the harder it becomes, and after reading many posts on here, I think she's right.
I can't wait to start tomorrow, hungry or not, I don't care. The need to be slim far out weigh's the few minutes of enjoyment eating.;)
[. The need to be slim far out weigh's the few minutes of enjoyment eating.;)[/quote]

This will be my slogan for the rest of my journey...possibly the rest of my eternal....:D

lover it

I've not really felt hungry as such today, but my tummy keeps rumbling like crazy! Have had a bath and am feeling a bit odd now, sort of faint I think. Best have my last pack shortly and more water of course!
I have never had that euphoric 'not hungry' feeling some people claim to have on CD. All through SS my stomach growled and the water never got rid of that. But I stuck with it and the weight came off and continues to come off.

No hunger on 790 for me though so that could be an option for you. You will still loose.


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I have days or times when I am SO hungry! Last week I kept craving bacon and tomatoes - and I don't even like tomatoes! But I find that a cup of hot bouillon is enough to keep my going until my next shake time. Sometimes, the water just isn't enough and the bouillon makes me feel like I have had some soup! Its all about tricking the mind into thinking its full!

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