I am starting Lt on Monday with docs`s blessing and supervission


Minimins gal x
Helloooo and good morning everyone,the sun is shining and i am feeling happy.
The reason why i am feeling like this is on Thursday i went to see my gp and broke down big time and was crying non stop and told her that i am finding life so hard at the momment and cant face being like this any more.

She said did i not get her message last week saying that i could do LT and she thinks its a really good plan for me and she wants me to do it.
I said to her that i am not happy losing weight normally and need to take the food out of the equation and becuase i will be monitored weekly by the medical proffession i can SS again and of course have her permission.She has also referrred me to an obesity clinic to monitor me and keep a close eye on me and the clinic is a 3 min walk from my home in the local hospital,and i live on the grounds of the hospital so it seems like everything is falling into place 4 me at last.

So i feel chuffed big time i cant explain how i felt when i was officially taken off Cd by the head office but i am not going to give up "failure is not an option for me" i will Ss and starting Monday morning i am back on the wagon with a massive smile on my face :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D .

Yesterday i had a lovely day i met Pam aka Ladyinlondon and spent the day with her and i have not laughed so much in years,so thanks Pam for such a lovely day.Pam and i are starting Lt together on Monday and we r going to meet up once a week for a water LOL.

I accomplished something yesterday,it might sound mad 2 most of u but over the last yer i have practically become housebound and since i sold my car 4 months ago i only leave the house when someone takes me in the car to the supermarket once every few weeks and i try to avoid that by shopping online,but yesterday i took the bull by the horn and went out and went on a bus for the first time in 12 years i asked Aaron to walk me to the bus stop and wait for me till the bus comes,talk about role reversal LOL.

I made sure i sat on a single seat although i was spilling over the sides:( as i did not want anyone to be squashed sitting next to me on a normal seat,i went on 5 busses and when i got home i was shattered i have not been out all day for a long time and weighing 27.9 and walking about quite a bit swelled my feet and ankles bady,but u know what it was an accomplishment for me,something most peeps take for granted and for me it was a big thing.

So tomorrow i will SS again and it will be the first day of my "Lipotrim Journey with close supervision " and i know it is going to be a very long journey and i know i have posted this so many times that i am restarting a diet or ssing but all i can say is that i hope and pray that this one will be my last time.

Hope u all have a good day,take care xxx


Just a quickie as I'm not supposed to be here but I had to say how thrilled and delighted I am for you, on every count. Well done on your day out, that is a big achievement.

Good luck to both you and Pam starting tomorrow, having a diet buddy is brilliant motivation and makes life so much easier knowing there is someone else who understand what you are going through.
Aww Roch, your post made me smile. Thanks for making my day yesterday, it was so great to laugh like like and you are such a wonderful person. You and I are at the start of a journey which will so transform our lives beyond belief. I am just about to read your diary. Perhaps you can make yourself a blog as well? Blogger: Create your Blog Now -- FREE
It's easy but I can't seem to edit the links section!
I just had my last dinner and this evening is the first time in 15 years I haven't needed to take diabetic tablets, and hope to never take them again, but I will be testing blood of course.
We are very very lucky with the Pharmacist we are seeing. I get the impression he really cares.
Roch, can you start a post on Lipotrim forum here with what to do with LT packs in the form of recipes? Whenever, you can, no hurry.
Well, cheers to us, and lets make our journies on Lipotrim special.
Have a good evening everyone and to anyone reading this who has just started or about to start, good luck, and whether things are going well, or difficult, post on this forum, as we are all here to support each other, and without support it is so difficult.
Hi pam,i had such a wicked time yesterday i have not laughed so much in ages,it was medicine i really needed.

Pam hun we r both in very simular situations and both weigh practically the same this is last chance saloon for us and no matter how hard things get for us we cant give in,this is our time and we have to sucseed.

"LE CHAYIM " (means in hebrew 2 life ) 2 us pam and we r literally going to change our lives.
Take care hun,sleep well and will buz u 2morrow xxx
Roch I just wanted to welcome you to a new life!!!!!
Today is the heaviest day of your future life and you will win this battle.... It is wonderful that Pam and yourself can be there for each other, I'm only 12 weeks in but if you need anything answered then please just ask- this total food replacement has totally changed my life- I can now see a future. You will soon be on week 12 and wow will the weight drop off.... You can do this and I look forward to watching your journey.
Aw Roch

You sound so fired up and full of enthusiasm. I would wish you luck on your LT journey, but you certainly don't need it, you are sounding SO positive. Enjoy your journey hun, you deserve it.
Just one thing I wanted to pick up on from Roch's post was that she could do LT because it is medically supervised. I don't think that this is mentioned enough as being a huge benefit for some of doing LT over the other VLCD's. :)
Good luck ladies! I just wanted to mention that i make chicken LT packs into yummy crisps on parchment paper in the microwave! Salt and vinegar finishes then off nicely!
I am not doing LT, i bought a few packs on e bay before discovering CD and my local councellor. :eek: Still using up the LT packs!