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I am struggling :(


supposed to be working!
Hello everyone, I'm usually on the 100% forum and originally posted this there, but that forum seems to be less tolerant of negative posts so I am also posting this here as I am really in need of some help. Thank you for reading...

I need some help and support. I havent been able to go more than 2 days on ss without messing up.

I really really want to stick to SS for the next 15 days but i am constantly thinking about food (MOST of them are head cravings) and am worried that i am setting myself up for a binge - so I give in and binge sooner rather than later.

I KNOW that if I last for 4 days at the minimum, I will stick to it for the whole 15 days - I am just sabbotaging myself before those 4 days come.

Please please help - should I start a day to day thread here for my accountability and support?:confused:

Thanks for listening!!!
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Aww. So sorry to hear you are struggling. It's the pits isn't it :( This board is a great place for you to post, as is the main forum, but I see you have already had some great advice on the 100% forum, which is good too :)

Over the next couple of days, we'll make the rules of the 100% Post forum a little clearer. Please don't worry for now:hug99:

I need some help and support. I havent been able to go more than 2 days on ss without messing up.
The advice given by Luci on the other thread is great. Take it on board and that will really help.

Personally, I found it easier to reduce carbs before I restarted SS. That way I could get into ketosis before I got too hungry. Then I just slipped into the diet relatively painlessly. So you could try that.

Some may think that just delays the process, but from my personal experience it speeded it up as I could manage it, rather than spending days trying and failing.

Think Luci has said everything else, so I'll just send some positive vibes and remind you that you can do this!

Keep focused hun:hug99:


what's causing you to trigger eat? Is it a certain food etc?

You need to get past that day 2 hump. So we need to look at whats causing you to derail. Whats your pattern? eg after dinner on day 2 you eat fridge contents?

Sorry to post and run but I have to get to uni very very soon.

Good luck- I don't think there's an easy answer. I'm only on day one and I'm sure there's some wobbly moments to come! I've promised my self I'll do a month to start- I wonder if you just think of it day by day it might help?!
Good luck- just keep thinking of those skinny jeans you'll be into in no time...


supposed to be working!
Thank you guys for posting here also I really really appreciate it and I;m so happy I checked here to see your replies (I might have to start coming back here to see how y'all are doing :))
Day1 and something has flipped in my head. I was told on the 100% forum something that has really stuck 'it is my choice to do this - im doing it because i want to and not because i have to' that's really helped me and I know that I can eat but i really really dont want to for the next 15 days.
Also i am taking it one day at a time and putting the brakes on my work-outs for the moment. Ill only be doing light cardio 30mins, 100situps as part of a challenge group on 100% and some weights and lunges for like, 10mins.
My trigger was almost always my burning up so much energy during the day that I would allow myself to eat and one thing led to another. No longer.
ALSO (I promise I'll stop soon :)) a problem with me (and im sure many of us out there) is that I often forget why Im taking measures to limit what goes into my mouth. I forget that eating badly = weightgain and weightgain = a very unhappy bb.
So it might sound simple but Im trying to remember all the reasons I am on this program.
Thank you all for posting :)!!!


Plod, plod, plod.....
Hi Bini, I understand exactly how you're feeling because I have been having the same problems and getting so angry with myself for being weak and feeling scared about it all. I started again yesterday and although it was only a day done properly (SS+) I feel relieved, well a bit. I'll look out for you and good luck. Perhaps getting around this now will make us deal with maintenance better for the life long haul? That's that I'd like to think. I really need the support of minis right now.

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