I am stuffed!!!


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I have been a naughty and not eaten till now and I have just had some pineapple and it was lovely!!

Also got a coffee.....

I have wedges everyday... just love them and sometimes have them with egg and some ham... yummy!!


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Im having chips/wedges this eve :)


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Think I fancy a baked bean lasagne for tea x mmmmmmmmmm


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I haven't had my dinner yet, :( am waiting for grumps to get home so I can go to supermarket and get some cottage cheese and some lettuce as I like to make wraps using lettuce leaves instead of tortillas.


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I have just had a chicken and bacon sandwich with sliced boiled eggs. I have also just made a raspberry pudding for tonight!

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Ive just had a jacket potato, baked beans and a salad at a local pub and tonight I am having a potato, onion and cheese pie with tinned tomatoes...hmmmmm!!


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I had ham salad with 3 laughing cow (A), followed by fruit salad.
For tonight I have chilli chicken (chiken and red peppers in a spicy tomato sauce) with potatoes (B) and veg.


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I hungry again after reading all your ideas especially the cheese, potato and onion pie mmmmmmm
Rach xx