I am very new!


Hello everyone I am very new to this site, I joined yesterday. I have to say all the entries and advise look amazing but I am very confused how to use the site. If i want a recipie for SW burgers how do I find it. Some of the members have pics and avatars and other funky stuff, how do I do that?

Also I am having a very hungry day today, think I had better go a and prepare my SW roast dinner.

Would be great to get replies and a little help.

Heidi xxxx;):confused::gen144:
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Hello Heidi,

Welcome to minimins!

Avatars and funky stuff are privelidges you earn as you post more, so get posting.

enjoy your dinner! I'll have a look for the recipie thread for you and post a link so you can find your way round



Thank you

Thanks to you both for the reply.

Right the more I use the more I get.

I will look at the links you both sent me for slimming world.

Do you find the site very useful, it does look good when inspiration and motivation is needed?

I am looking for a slimming world burger recipie so any ideas would be great.

Thanks again for reply.

Heidi xxx:);):D


Ho Heidi and Co! I'm new on minimins and using my iPhone. Negotiating the site, I see it's a webpage as well as an app and I'm thinking of working my way around online as I reckon I'll be able to get more out of the app!

Good luck posting - here's to the avatars!