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I am very pleased with myself this week. Am i turning into a new me?

Morning all,
i just have to share how pleased i am with myself - something ive been for a long time. im also starting to wonder if im turning into a new improved version of me??
well for a start i stuck to SW 100% last week (apart from a planned day out to the seaside where i had half a portion of chips). and ive been 100% this week too.
secondly i have been doing lots of walking (my dog gives me the incentive) and ive started to love being outside and being active so much that i have started running too. im only just starting out by running for 1 minute then walking for 2, then run for 1....over a 2 mile distance and im REALLY enjoying it. my ambition is to run a marathon one day but im going to start small and do a 5k run sometime this year then just build it up from there.
i was inspired by a freind of mine who was quite a large chap. he started running 13 months ago (after not running since he was at school!) and completed the Paris Marathon the other weekend in under 4 hours! he's super fit now and i wanna be like that!
I never, never thought i would see the day that i actually enjoyed exercising - let alone running! mind you, when youre 19 stone everything is an effort (im 11.11 now with still a little way to go)
finally - we play the 'bonus ball' at work and a colleague's number came up an she won the prize pot. everytime someone wins it is usual for them to buy cakes and sausage rolls from the local bakery. well i am proud to say that everyone else in the office is scoffing away whilst i am sat here enjoying a banana and a muller light. :D (i just hope that my good habits and resolve stays strong and i dont slip into old habits or forget how hard ive worked and become complacent. - its a slippery slope as i know that i still have food issues and can easily binge if i dont keep myself in check).... BUT i have come a long way, my eating habits have changed and i never thought i could be this in control...and im loving it!
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Wee Doll

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well done to you :D

i love to hear these stories as ive only been on my diet for 4 weeks and sometimes i just want to eat what i used to eat but when i read stories like yours and the other high achievers its a real incentive to push myself to stick to sw and reach my target as quickly as possible :D

i love sw there is so much freedom, its easy to see why everyone who sticks at it does so well

again congrats and you look fab

thankyou so much for your kind words. its been a long hard slog and there are times when i never thought i would get this far, but stick it out and the results and feeling of achievement and wellbeing are better than food ever could ever be.

and as for bing a high achiever..:eek: ...i dont know about that! :eek:
Thats a lovely post - great to hear your story. You sound incredibly up-beat & you can almost hear the excitment on you as you read what you have written :)

I think you are doing fantastic - you will do that marathon one day I just know it!!

Massive Massive well done to you :D
aww, thankyou. i WILL do that marathon! lol
i just really felt like i had to post this thread to remind me (when times are tough) of how good i am feeling right now and also to hopefully (?) inspire other to keep going and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
we all read the sucess stories in magazines about the overweight person who has lost no end of weight and now has developed a passion for some exercise or another and you just think 'that will never be me'. i thought that even if i did lose weight that i would never enjoy any form of physical activity. i always used to wish i could be like the person in the magazine - they always used to seem so distant and not real. but beleve me, it CAN be done -little by little we all get there in the end and we are not so different after all.
there are still two ice buns singing at me from the fridge in the corner of the office.... im going to sling them out the window in a minute!
then the seagulls can get fat, not me!
I can so relate to what you are saying here. I always thought there were 2 different types of people- those who did exercise and those who didn't, or those who were thin and those (like me) who should just accept being fat.

It is a massive revalation to one day realise that actually.............I LIKE EXERCISE AND AM STARTING TO NOT BE FAT!!!! It is so wierd to think that all along I had this potential, but talked myself out of it.

You have done so AMAZINGLY well Keelie- your pictures and attitude are inspiring. You should be immenseley proud of your achievement and obviously feel so much better as a result of your hard work

thanks everyone. and crisis averted... my colleagues have polished off the cakes!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
What a lovely positive read Hun!!!

Well done on getting started with the exercise! I was the same...started off small and now Im climbing moutains...literally! I love it and would never have considered doing anything of the sort before.
Keep it up and stay away from the cakes...they are disgusting!

Thanks for sharing your lovely story, you have done so well, your pictures are amazing and for someone like me who is starting again for the millionth time, its so nice to read that even when you think its not possible it CAN be done.
You are a real inspiration, you should be so proud that you are helping others too just by sharing your experiences!
Well done X
just another quick update to let you know that i have entered myself onto my first 5k race!!! its not until August 22nd but at least i have plenty of time to get up to a good standard.
im also running for charity (british heart foundation) so any sponsorship would be very gratefully recieved! (details will be posted soon!)
i cant wait! im nervous, excited, scared and daunted all at once!
weigh in tonight. i hope ive lost!
i put on 1 lb! god knows how as ive been really good and been running 4 times this week! bah!
lost 1.5 lbs this week and entered myself into the London Marathon 2011 public ballot. i hope i get chosen!!

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