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i ate i ate i ate !!!!!!!!!!!


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i lasted two weeks and broke last friday :sigh:
i ate everything and everything ..im so disapointed with myself grrrrrrrrrrrr:cry:!!!!
have i ruined it all ??
or can i just start again 2moro ?
what should i do ??
* You haven't ruined it.
* Don't beat yourself up anymore.
* Look at the reasons why you may have broken it and avoid them next time.
* Start again NOW.....:hug99::hug99::hug99:

mrs bee

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Of course you can start again, out it behind you and you will be fine!

When is ur next weigh day?


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Absolutely agree with the above.

Draw a line completely underneath what you have done, and start again now, not tomorrow. Try and exercise a little more over the next few days and hopefully it will lessen any if little damage you may have done.

Dont beat yourself up over it, we are all human after all.


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Don't let one blip ruin all you have done. We learn from the falls! Put it down to experience, put it behind you and get back on the wagon with us. We would love to have you on this journey! x

rainbow brite

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I'm in total agreement with the above to a point - yes move on, start again immediately and focus on the new slimmer you. BUT don't forget about your blip. Remember exactly how you felt when you broke the diet and store that up for next time you're feeling a little weak. If the thought of feeling so bad doesn't stop you from eating then I don't know what will. Good luck hun xx

it aint easy

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thanks you guys your great help !!!!
iv a weigh in next friday so we will see...
im just goin start now and get over it ..its not the end of world.
thanks so much


rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
It definitely isn't the end of the world and you've done the best thing by getting straight back on the wagon. Lesser people would think 'f**k it' and carry on eating. Well done x


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we are all human hunny and ya can start again, just learn from it and dont let it ruin the rest of your life, take care

blue eyes

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I agree with everyone get straight back on lipotrim you can do it. We all have blips we're human.XX


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you havent ruined it, the very fact that you are posting here means you are still in the race! just get straight back on it and draw a line under your slip up theres no point dwelling on something you cant change, just learn from it and move on!


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Ah hun, I agree with everything already said. What's done is done and can't be changed so look forward to a skinnier summer and put the past behind you. However, Gemma is so right, take the way you are feeling now and remember it next time you feel tempted. This diet is tough enough without stressing ourselves out even more.

Good luck this week.



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I did exactly the same after 2 weeks on LT. Figured out that I was pre menstrual. Could it be that? I'm presuming you are female! Don't beat yourself up about it, just jump back in. You only fail when you give up x


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Put it behind you and start again and keep focused on moving in the right direction and imagine what you will do to stay on track next time you get the urge....