I ate Tuna is that bad.... & am I bad???


4 stone to go
I am on the cambridge diet and this is my 2nd Wk on Cambridge but had prior done 4 wks on Lighter life. I swapped over with no gap between coz of nicer flavours & the councelling on LL was not useful to me.

How ever today I could not shift my hunger...I drank litres of water , tea, flavoured water, and also did my ironing but I could not stop feeling hungry so I got a can of tuna and ate it. Now I feel really bad because I feel like I have failed.

Also is tuna bad whilst your on the cambridge diet...I mean will it totally F**k up my ketosis?

Hi Mizzy

The tuna shouldn't kick you out of ketosis, so please stop worrying. Are you on three or four packs per day? For some people, the switch to 3 packs can be difficult - I generally suggest splitting one pack in half so they can still have '4'.

I hope you are doing ok mate, put it behind you and keep going.
If it was a can of tuna in spring water or brine and drained it thoroughly you should be OK. If it was in oil, you may be out of ketosis.

Put it behind you now though - what's done is done. Tomorrow is another day and you should just carry on with the plan as if nothing had happened.

You'll be fine :)
Now I feel really bad because I feel like I have failed.

Hi Mizzy

First things first hun, you have not failed, you have had a blip! :) I don't know if you will be out of ketosis or not, its only my 4th day on CD.

You've already done really well, :) so please, don't be too hard on yourself:eek: , and, if it has knocked you off ketosis, hey - you'll be back on it again really quickly so try not to worry about it right now. It's already done hun.

The thing to do now is get right back on track and chalk it up to experience.. remember how you feel right now & I bet you won't turn to tuna again!

Take care and look forward to the rest of your journey :D

Sending cheery thoughts
Hopefully it was in spring water as brine is salt and could affect you slightly. Maybe your loss could be a little less as you are holding onto water.

Bear this in mind when you have your AAM or do the 790 programme as the tuna must be in spring water only.

But it was a minor blip. You say you switched from LL to CD without a break, have you been SS for more than 4 weeks if so perhaps it time to do a AAM.

Thanks Guys, your comments have help ..... yep it was in spring water and I drained it well...luckily i have stayed in ketosis (i checked on my ketostix). The wierd thing is why did i have tuna??? I could have had anything but I chose to eat tuna....god i am wierd

Yes have been SSing for a total of 6wks and think that i will now have an add a meal week starting next monday.

I feel much better now today and have stuck to my 3 packs with more determination to see this diet through.

Thanks again

Kate. xxxxxxx