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i ate.


One day at a time!
Saturday nights and socialising are very difficult aren't they? Oh well, it sounds like you are planning to get back on track. All these challenges and little blips will perhaps help us learn how to manage control when we get to target.........without learning the coping strategies we'd all be back at square one again!


Back On Track!

I have just looked at your losses since starting the diet in June, which are terrific. From my point of view, you are a great success and pretty close to a healthy BMI. So forgive yourself for one little error and the best of luck today. If its possible, can you do something nice for yourself - a pampering soak in the bath, foot spa or home manicure/pedicure, healthy stroll in the park, watch a favourite DVD - be kind to yourself.


Needs to stop eating!!
Hey Netty, i also cracked yesterday...in fact i more than cracked i had a major binge!! Im trying..well GOING TO do 100% today. Good luck with getting back on track.
I find the weekend the hardest too! Yesterday I was having a constant battle with myself......shall I? shouldn't I?.....I won in the end as I just went to bed!
Don't worry about it just move on......and next time you wana eat remember how bad you felt this time! xx
thankyou all for your comments - yesterday i stuck 100% to cd and drank lots. so far today also stuck 100%. i have got such a headache, i am going thru days 1-4 all over again ! trying to get back into ketosis and get back on track. have a christening next week which I want to look great for ! on a lighter note, i have fittedinto my 14s with ease yay! thankyou all for ongoing support.....much appreciated!


Serial Dieter!
It's just a couple of spring rolls and few chips... stick with it now and you'll be back in ketosis in a day or so!

you never know, that bit of a lapse might just give your metabolism a bit of a push and you might get away with it... no harm done, as long as you stay with it 100% from now on!
it was lots of mini spring rolls and lots of chips. i have got such a headache today, and feel crap - i have, however, stuck to cd 100% for 2 days in a row for the first time in a long time. I think the feeling i had from eating and regrets that i had have given me the kick up the bum i needed !
i also love buffet foods. i could leave the sweet stuff but the savoury things just seem to hop onto my plate. maybe a good job i dont often go to partys.

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