I ate,


Vicki, Fife
Had one bite of a sanny! Surprisingly I am feeling okay about it. Not overly guilty. But I was feeling very weak and lightheaded. Feel better now, I hope it doesn't effect my ketosis too much.:break_diet:
Lets hope it has not had any effect on you, put it right behind you drink loads of water and dont look back.
Hi Vicki,
so you had a bite of a sandwich................Well done for being honest with all of us on here and especially yourself. Try and drink loads of water. It might kick you out of ketosis you will not really know unless you do a test.
The only problem is that this blip could lead to more blips as you are early days into lighterlife. It sounds like you have dealt with it and moved on from it. Try and keep strong and focused. Maybe your lighterlife counsellor could offer you some advice. Having said that a lady in my group in week one confessed to having a meal and drinks and my LLC had a right go at her!! I don't think she was committed.
Well done on your loss so far. Keep posting on here hun it will keep you focused.
Good Luck,
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Day 5

Gosh I can't believe how hard today as been, heading to bed soon to escape food thoughts! I've been so so good and barely bothered about food the last 4 days. I suppose on every diet you can have harder days than other's.

Think i'll leave talking to the counseller on wed, don't think this blip will happen again. Just trying to get through today!:cry:
aww bless you hunni! I started 3 weeks ago and its such a strain at first but with all my heart I can tell you that even after such a small amount of time it does get easier as each day passes!

Stay strong and don't give up...and keep smiling, does wonders for you! :)

one bite is unlikely to make any difference, but try to stay away from it again. Every time you take a bite of something it becomes harder not to eat...

Put it behind you and move on !!

Yep, try not to turn 1 bite into 2 bites, thats when the downward spiral get going big time.

We all understand hunny, I may seem like an old timer now, but trust me, I remember every little bit of sole source like it was yesterday, it can be done, Im proof, and with 1 bite of something, but dont think you can get away with it everyday!!!!!