I binged :(


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Been on the diet now for 2 weeks , a 14lbs weight loss in the first 5 days but since then nothing and yesterday I got so fed up with not losing weight for over a week that I had a screw it moment and really binged and I hate myself for it. Although I decided that I wanted to stay in ketosis so I binged on chicken,full fat mayo, ham and cheese(the whole slab of cheese, I'm so ashamed) anyway I get up this morning weigh myself to see what damage I did and...I lost 2lbs. It doesn't make sense, I have been so annoyed for not losing any weight the past week and a bit, I cheat only to lose weight. Why does my body not seem to function normally haha. Anyway that's my little rant over, I'm back on the diet today no more cheating!
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I'm right there with you! Been there and done that and still lost. It gives you a bit of a false sense of purpose though and can lead to bigger "cheating" - it has with me, cause I think I can get away with it. I've had big words this week, given myself a proper Beck style talking to and are back on track, but not expecting to see anything showing on the scales this week. It'll be my first week of no loss, and whilst I know it's entirely deserved, I'm gutted! Last week I got away with it by losing 3lb! Seems odd, but I think it kind of catches up with you eventually.

Oh well, onwards and downwards :)


Having a very lovely life
Lol, and then I go on facebook and the following is right there on my news feed from Beck:

Wednesday Sabotage: Since I didn’t lose weight this week, I must be doing something wrong. This isn’t working. Response: Even if I was perfect on my diet, it’s not a guarantee that the scale will go down on any given week. It’s 100% normal for the scale to stay the same or even go up some weeks. I need to keep doing what I’m doing, and the scale WILL go down again.

Thank you Dr Beck, excellent timing as always!