I blame the snow...

Mrs Taurus

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Pathetic I know,but it seems like an extension of xmas with Mr T at home and all routine out of the window due to the blooming snow. So what was just one glass of red after a snowy walk on Thursday became 2 on Friday and a horrid amount of left over xmas booze that led to a food blow out last night and terrible hangover this morning.
My problem is the association of booze and weekends, not the snow!
Also although my goal has always been to achieve a healthy bmi, now I have a bmi of 28(probably 32 this morning) and look slim in comparison to the summer I feel less pressure to race to goal.
Another issue I am struggling with is the number of socials-am meant to be going away next weekend,MasterT's bday then val day then holiday(planned off plan).I just want a clear run of no temptation .

Shan't be making false promises to myself,but definitely only drinking on special occassions now, as I eat when I drink not because I lose control of my food demons,but to soak up the booze.

Had lost 13 of my 19lb gain in a week,but dread to think of the damage I did last night.
Oh well back on my horse til the weekend away,until I get strong enough not to use social events as an excuse rekon this is going to be one long trek to goal,unlike the gallop from August to xmas.
Bloomin xmas, bloomin snow and bloomin social life-my only hope is to go and live in a cave with a billion cd packs near a fresh water spring.
One positive note is although got a hangover from hell I am suffering with it rather than fixing it with a carb fest.
Confessional over(maybe I should find a priest as its Sunday).x
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I agree the snow is making things difficult !
I crave hot soup...which I don't usually like ! It's just wanting to be all warm inside !
And because most days are involving lying on couch in a blanket to get snug, I associate this with comfort...comfort food...wanting doritos and dip !

Ok, so you had a little fun, but you have the mindset to get back on plan ! Your weigh in will not be s bad as you think ! Let's keep going !
And do some kind of ritual....bye bye snow dance and burn some calories !


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Oh yes this weather just makes you want to comfort eat and hibernate like animals should!

I agree with you on the alcohol front, I am a single mum and I dont often get to go out, so mostly on a sat my best mate and I would cook a lovely meal and drink a substancial amount of wine or spirits. Sundays were always a write off! But it was literally a night I looked forward to, to break up the weeks. This week he came round friday night for a coffee, and I was so pleased he did that as it took all saturday night assiciation away! So, I guess i'm breaking habits as well as losing weight :) x


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ohhhh yesssss totally agree!
this snow is a demon!
kids home stuffing their faces, OH home, xmas booze and stuff still in the house.. nightmare! its hard enough without all that!


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Am so pleased I am not the only one slipping up. Had a baaaaaaaaaaaaad moment just now and feel dreadful for it.

Stupid bloody lack of will power. Am cross.


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it seems we're all at it! its very hard... ive been a nightmare this week, had i not been at home i would never had bought those two bags of peanuts! ggrrr!!
im annoyed also, but its in the past now, nothing i can do about that!
onward and scales downward!!!!