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I blame you lot!

Thanks to you guys I have a fridge full of Quark and a quiche dish!
Well, they're still 2 for £2.50 at Sainsbury's so it would be rude not to!

Oh! Just thought! Quark is another one. Never heard of it before SW, now I use it loads!

Roz V

Full Member
Halogen oven, slow cooker, stick blender, lots of silicone bakeware and other flan trays etc.

Mullerlights and other fat free yogurts, quark, quorn, MASSES more fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread (not my favourite!), frylight, Mikado biscuits (don't do it for me! ) Options, Snack a Jacks, Mugshots, fresh pineapple (had actually never bought one before), sweet potatoes, butternut squash - thanks to Aldi, I have 3 of these at present, think I'm addicted!!!
Quark... I know I already said it but it just makes me laugh. Quark, Quark.
Joes sausages, had my first order this week thanks to this site. My fridge is stinking of garlic etc but boy are they yummy :)
oooh I very nearly spent lots of money on joes sausages!! my mum talked me out of though! (mainly because I wanted her to halve the cost with me lol!! Was worth a try!!!) x


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I have bought a slow cooker, hand blender so far....trying to get a Joe's Sausages order split over a few friends to make it worthwhile on the free postage :D

I also have in abundance, Options drinks, tinned tomatoes, cottage cheese, curly wurlys, laughing cow lights, babybels, and spray oil!!!

xxx Love you all really - i love spending!!! xxx
Frylight!! Where would I be without that?!

I too have options/highlights, plus various ryvita/crackerbread/krisprolls etc. In fact, I stocked up today on ryvita minis, after discovering how blimmin lovely the sweet chilli ones are yesterday!

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