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I blew it last night .... what to do next

Hi All,

Been doing so well on the programme and then yesterday my parents called and wanted me to go round to their after work to help with something, because of the rush I never managed to eat and everyone was having a fast food take away at my parents and I ended up having a McDonalds Big Tasty Burger and Large Chips, which totally has taken me over my syns for the day. :break_diet:

I went to get straight back on the programme and I do not want this to ruin my hard work and efforts so I am wondering what is best to do;

Write it off as a bad day (I kind of set myself a Flexible Syn limit of 50)


Take the amount I used out of my weekly allowance of syns (which I know is not advised!)

Please help me someone :cry:
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Flexi syn for yesterday, sounds like you kinda planned to anyway :) New day today, stick to the plan but you don't need to cut anything out and you should be fine


Now to maintain.....
draw a line.new day.....well done for getting straight back on plan x
Flexi syn for yesterday, sounds like you kinda planned to anyway :) New day today, stick to the plan but you don't need to cut anything out and you should be fine
I decided to Flexi Syn but then didnt know whether it will be best to limit my syns for the rest of the week.

I am pretty new at this (2nd week on the plan) so just wanted some advice from some exsisting members.

Thanks for the reply


Now to maintain.....
if you try limiting your syns for the rest of the week to compensate you run a big risk of feeling deprived etc and so falling off the plan.
you sound like your head is in the right place so best to just carry on as normal x


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I personally would draw a line totally and continue on plan rest of week. There will always be days when life gets in the way, life has ups and downs, but if you continue on plan after the blip/off plan meal the weight still comes off. I look at SW as a way of life rather than a diet. This way when things like this happen I can more easily draw a line and move on. There are going to be odd meals out, birthday cake etc, its all about in moderation. ie a few months ago we would have had a mcdonalds once a week, we now have one once a month, but I have it, and continue on plan next meal.

You could cut your syns back a little but please don't cut them back too much as, okay again personal experience, I find I'm more likely to go off plan again if too hard on myself :)


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Definately draw a line under it and then just continue on plan - i'm sure we've all been therre I know i have several times.

Maybe try to increase speed and super speed foods to try and compensate a little.

good luck


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Definitely agree with the others, draw a line under it and just continue with your week. You must remember that this is a healthy eating plan and occasionally you will slip up, but just draw a line under it and continue with your eating plan.
Some consultants say you can only use your syns per day, whereas some say you can add them up and take them throughout the week. I think that personally you will find out what suits you best.
Good luck and remember if you have a problem then this is the best place to come.
I agree with the others that as long as your back on plan today you should be ok. If you do really feel the need to cut back a bit only do it by a small amount. E.g. if you usually have 15 syns a day maybe cut back to about 10, however, don't kick yourself if you go over as its not the end of the world and there is always tomorrow to get back on plan.

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