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I can do this......


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Been having some trouble sticking to plan and eating too many syns mid afternoon so I thought I'd start a food diary as motivation and staying on track.

I have 5 stone to lose after having two children. I have trouble sticking to slimming world as I feel as though 5 stone is too much weight to lose and I am never going to get there....however the good people on this wonderful board have helped me put this way of thinking into perspective and now I see that a goal of 1lb a week is realistic and sustainable.

I have spent the last 5 years struggling to lose weight (just 2 stone to start with) and now it is 5 stone as I have set myself huge targets to meet, failed and just lost the plot.

So here goes.....aiming for 1lb a week and trying to remember that slow and steady wins the race. I can do this!

As my baby is only 4 months old and is exclusively breastfed then I do get extra HE's....to be honest I must look up the exact amount as I cannot remember! I tend to do extra easy.......with a large number of syns! Will try to keep my syns to 15 a day.

Today I had:

omlette with pepper, onion and tomato, potato cake, tomatoes and mushrooms

Lunch: Chilli pasta bake with mozarella (HEa), tomatoes, baby carrots and hummus (HEb)

Afternoon: This is where i lost the plot as usual but not so badly today....
3 x mini croissants (no idea of syns but i reckon about 5 each)
small piece of chocolate brownie (7 syns?)
Milky bar (7?)
(I did intend to have another yogurt and 2 x babybel but didn't quite manage it)

Dinner: Am out with friends to have a chinese so will try to aim for low syn options...any suggestions?

Any suggestions overall would be very much appreciated!!

Thank You
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Good luck Nataby, I agree, slow and steady wins the race and all that!!! I've done quick weight loss diets in the past, kept it off for a while, but I'm always so hungry and it always goes back on. 1lb a week is realistic and achievable. I'm starting tomorrow, so i'm in it for the long haul too!!! :)


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I have just looked up online (I follow SW online and weigh in on a Thursday) and it says that as my 4 month old is exclusively breastfed then I can have 6 HE in total (3 a and 3 b) What struck me when I wrote my food diary earlier is how few HE's I have eaten and instead I eat a lot of syns. I feel like I can't have these extra HE, I don't know why. Tomorrow I am going to eat all my HE's before starting on the syns!

I ended up not going out tonight for dinner as the baby has a cold and wouldn't settle. Had chicken, waitrose coriander and garlic cous cous and salad for tea. Felt proud as I normally would have ordered a take away in situations like this but didn't.

Am pleased that I have stuck somewhat to the plan today despite a large amount of syns. Will try again tomorrow!


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Oh dear.....just totaled up my syns online for the day....41!! I forgot about the can of coke and chocolate bar I ate whilst out with my daughter earlier.....whoops!


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Good luck to you too Mrsorangecat! 1lb a week is great....anymore is an added bonus. Over the last 10 years I have lost and gained the same weight plus an extra 3 stone......it has to be a lifelong change. We can do this!

Good luck for your first day...let me know how you get on xx


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Feeling very disheartened today...started off great then this afternoon started on the chocolate, had a small bit of my daughter's milky bar and bam!! I was eating anything I could get my hands on. I must give up the chocolate and have been thinking about going cold turkey on all sugar as it really sets me off....must must must eat that afternoon snack as well to curb the munchy feeling i get.

So today's food looks like this...

Breakfast: baked beans on toast with cheese (HEa and Heb)

Snack: yogurt with berries and pineapple

Lunch: tuna pasta, tomato and mozarella (HEa) salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing (HEb), 2 x bread (HEb), butter (2 syns)

Snack: milky bar, twirl, small packet of minstrels!! packets of doritoes (will look up syns on all in a bit)....so disappointed in myself.

Dinner: toight we are going to our neighbours for an indian takeaway...plan is to have plain rice and a dry fish curry which is delicious.

Will try again tomorrow....going cold turkey on all sugar and might have a red day to see if that helps curb my choc cravings. Will also try for an afternoon snack before I go off track.

Anybody else into red days and find they help them stay on track??


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Just realised weigh in is on Friday morning in just 3 days! gulp!


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It just struck me as I was putting my daughters to bed that chocolate is actually making me miserable. I use it in the afternoons as I think I deserve a treat and eat it because it is nice but actually it is a horrible, horrible thing...without those evil bars tempting me every afternoon I would be losing loads more weight. i eat healthy meals it is just a chocolate habit that is keeping me this fat.

Tomorrow is day 1 of cold turkey...no more, I am not treating myself by eating it I am abusing my poor already damaged and fat ridden body....NO MORE!!


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Just totaled up 47 syns for today! AHHHH!!!! Will aim to stick with 5 syns a day until i weigh in on Fri xx

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