Baby Steps, Leopardess!


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Day one. And you saw my introductory post, Ground Zero, you’ll know that it’s been one hell of a day. Last night I had a panic attack bad enough that my boyfriend called an ambulance. I genuinely thought I was dying, and to be honest, it’s shocked me into action. There’s never going to be a perfect day to start doing this. Life will get in the way. I’ve stayed under my 1200 calorie goal, but the calories are all from grazing throughout the day and I didn’t make the healthiest choices. I smoked four cigarettes, drank maybe a litre of water if you’re being generous, and I haven’t exercised. I’m running off two hours of sleep and worked a six hour shift on my feet, my body and mind are absolutely drained.

But I stayed under my calorie limit, and that’s something to celebrate! It’s a good step towards breaking my dependence on food - I haven’t binged to comfort myself, I did make an effort to make some good choices. It’s all baby steps, right?

I’m going to wash my face, brush my teeth, take my meds, and sleep.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

Food Diary

Apple and grape snack pack. (48)
Vegetable samosa. (127)
Belvita strawberry yogurt breakfast biscuits. (226)
Raspberry and white chocolate muffin. (495)
Hummus on toast. (159)

Total Calories: 1055 :classic_tongue: