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Keto'ing for life
So I'm back! Couldn't for the life of me find my old diary. The new minimins isn't great I feel. Though much better than when they removed it altogether
Why did they take away our statistics from under our avatars when we post? I always thought that was brilliant and so motivating!
Anyway.. I'm in week two now. After a mad stressful week I resisted temptation. I lost 6lb. Not amazing but I'd been eating healthily beforehand. I really want to fly down to my first goal of twelve stone. I'm sitting at 13'11 just now. I've been in and around 14 stone for about seven years and it's high time I lost it. Once I'm at 12 I'll battle for my next goal of 10.5 then on again until 9. I'm lucky not to look 30 so I want to wear young clothes that I've never been able to, while I still have time.

Glad to be back! Here we gooooooo
Hi mandax. Great loss
Everything's going well today. Have still to do my twenty minutes on the treadmill though. Think I'll bust out ten minutes now and ten later. Ordered a box of fifty shakes and smoothies. I want max weight loss so I'm going for only these. Of course it arrived when I was out so redelivery for Tuesday.
I'm a bit worried about my system. Sorry if tmi, but i don't go to the toilet very often, it's been a long standing issue. Despite taking psyllium husk, green tea and plenty of water. Could there be something wrong with me? I hate the feeling of knowing there's stuff sitting in me that won't come out! Maybe I'll gub a few more cups of tea per day. When I start having only shakes, will that side of things stop altogether?
Welcome and good luck!

You wont go as much because there isn't as much to come out so don't panic if that side of things slow up even more then usual
If I get desperate I have a dulcoease. Seems to help and haven't had a problem on exante so far. Fingers crossed. Not like when I did CD. OMG!!
Hi Mandi :) I have the same stats as you starting 14st 3 - Lost 6lbs first week. And I too tend to have toilet troubles of the 'slow to go' kind. However I am now taking 'one magnesium citrate' tablet a day and I go easily and every day, even on Exante. It is just the mineral magnesium and it doesn't affect ketosis. It helps muscles work correctly and is excellent for those with digestive issues... constipation/acid reflux. The whole digestive system is one long muscle and can be made very sluggish by antacids (which make it difficult for the body to absorb magnesium) so those that take antacids over a period of time often have a magnesium deficiency.

Good luck for week two, keep up the great work. XX
Wow thank you so so much that's so helpful. I'll get some of those! I have been on the antacids for twelve years. I'm really grateful for your help girls. Let's be buddies and follow each other's progress. Can't wait for the twelves now xxx
What's your goal weight? I am hoping for anything in the 10 stone bracket and then I'll take it from there. X
9 is my ultimate goal, but I'm taking it with a pinch of salt. 12 is my first mini goal, I'm a size 14 at 12 stone. Then next 10.5 and I'm a size 12 then I'll see if I can lose another stone and I'd be happy as xxx
Being doing great, not hungry or tempted at all. Definitely in ketosis for sure. I'm just on three shakes/smoothies a day. When I did this before, once I got in ketosis I hated eating the food packs because I felt so unhungry that they made me sick. The same way I feel towards food when I drink any alcohol. It's weird because I have a small appetite and don't eat much yet four kids later and not totally sticking to healthy eating and I got to this size. I think my metabolic rate is really slow.
I'm loving that it's coming into spring, extra motivation!
I also noticed that food bloats me out a lot.
Went to the cinema last night and as a mum of four little kids, I almost never get out. So this was massive. Saw Deadpool and it was brilliant. I allowed myself some sweets because I'm not going o not enjoy rare times like that haha. Ketostix still showed trace to viable amounts of ketones this morning so yay. Weigh in today and I've lost two pounds. Upping my exercise this week for sure!
Don't get down on the loses, depending what sweets and how many, they could of made your body hang onto water or something, anything off plan that isn't basically carb free and the scales will show a pound or two gain the next day, but it goes again in a couple of days x

Keep going, trust the diet, it cant not work x
Thanks so much sammy! You're right, it has to work and if I allow myself a tiny treat here ans there I won't long and obsess. Nothing else has ever worked, only exante. I'm getting so used to the empty tummy feeling from three shakes a day that I enjoy it and don't want it to go away by eating. I've been plagued by bloating for years. Of course I'm antsy to see real progress but it takes time. I'm pretty certain I'll see much bigger losses in the coming weeks.
I find I spend a lot of time wishing my life away, I'm like oh in 10 weeks time I could be 2 stone lighter, cant wait for then, wish I could fast forward 4 months etc but all we can really do is take each day and each week as they come x
Well done on the loss this week, I lost 2lbs too. :D

I get a little high from the 'empty stomach feeling' that just having shakes gives you... tis odd but I like it.

Here goes week three, good luck!!
I find that most of the Exante products, apart from the bars, give me a kind of 'empty stomach feeling'.

Well done on your loss Mandaxx :)
Girls :-/ I've just found out that I'm pregnant so I've had to come off exante TS. I'm happy but really wanted to lose weight before I tried again. I'm super super fertile!! Xxx