Just had my second weigh in:cry::cry: and i have put 2lb on...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE:confused::confused::confused::confused:
I have bee SS 100% and managed to put weight on!!!!!:eek:
My CDC seems to think it is water retention:argh: due to it should be my TOTM and it's only my third since having my baby, as well as i have been back at work an have not drunk enough water ( i have found it hard working on abusy ward to be able to drink:7834:) and work has ben very stressfull:rant2:. It is also only 6 weeks since having my Gall bladder removed, so just wondered if that would effect it, i did so well my first week and lost 8lb What went wrong!!!!!!
Has anybody else put weight on while 100% SS. I'm on such a downer now:sigh2::sigh2:... although i'm not giving in, i'm finding it hard to be possitive.
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Half an inch off chest and put one inch on thighs..... i'm still in ketosis so can't understand it!!!


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I would say that you're CDC is right and it is fluid retention. Some women can put up to 7lbs at TOTM this is common. Dont cut down on water but make sure you are drinking enough. I agree to that you would have lost inches.
try not to worry as next week will show a good loss.
Hang in there


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oh, mandy i really feel for you.
there is bound to be a reason for it in your recent history, eg not enough water, hormones, gall bladder op, and i'm sure someone will help explain