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I cant believe it.......

OK, I have been doing EE every day for almost 4 weeks....
today however, I thought I would try a red day. I have my days food diary on the thread and everything is looking fine....
I made my salad at lunch time, and without thinking I put sweetcorn kernels in it. Oh NOOOOOOO..... I just did it without thinking (so used to EE)...
My food optimising book is almost 2 years old and I cannot find anything about sweetcorn being a HE on a red day.
What should I do.?
I have my HEs all planned out for today but could change one if needed... and my syns are at maximum for today.
Can anyone help me and advise what I should do.?
It was equivalent to 2 tbsp approx.
thanks all
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28g is 1.5 syns - so i reckon you had 3 syns max - probably only the 1.5 if truth be told :)

you can't use sweetcorn as a HE i'm afraid :eek:


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Is there any way you can turn your day into an EE day? Have you had more had more than one A and B choice? Do you need to do a red day?
This is my menu for today.
I have adapted it to suit the sweetcorn..... (I hope)
thanks. x

Thursday - Red Day
Breakfast- WW brown bread (HEB), eggs, 2x Sainsburys BGTY sausages (5 syns), mushrooms (fry light)
Lunch - chicken salad (1 tbsp Hellmans Lite - 2 syns), sweetcorn (2 syns)
Dinner -chicken stuffed with Quark and garlic, wrapped in bacon, made up already cooked and mashed turnip, (4.5 syns..... EEK), and salad
Extras - 2x Alpen Lite bars (HEB), strawberries, blueberries, mullerlights, pepsi max, tons of water. cheddar (HEA)
Syns=11.5 syns


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Looks okay Debby! I'd do my own mash next time and save some syns!!!
Well done for realising and changing things round, SW is super flexible sometimes. Good luck!
Thanks.... I couldnt believe it when I checked that mash... I bought it this morning cos I was in a rush at the shops, and thought "how bad can it be, its just turnip".... how wrong I was....

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