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I cant believe Ive let myself get into this mess!!


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Well here I am 2 weeks before my dream Florida holiday and weighing more than Ive ever done before!! I am disgusted in myself as Ive put 5 stone on since doing cd first time and im the biggest horriblest ive ever felt and could cry.

I know im not going to do the things I want on hols as im very self concious and will worry everyones laughing at the fat girl!!!

Ive no excuses either as hubby is a cd counsellor as of 3 months ago so the stuffs here but ive just been the biggest pig in the sty!!!

Weve booked to swim with dolphins but theres no way im going to fit in a wetsuit or jacket and im going to ruin the holiday by being so miserable.

Ive decided to try ss for the 2 weeks to see if I can shift a stone but im still going to be the buffalo of the group and if I dont come back its because ive been harpooned at discovery cove as a beached whale!!
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The Diet Guy
Woh Woh!! You are being way to hard on yourself Sarah!!!

You will still have a great time in Florida, why not why you are there get the mindset of when you get home you are going to slim right down and use that as your motivation.

Don't beat yourself up though as that just leads to more food and more weight, try and be positive and you'll be fine.

Just aside I wouldn't SS for 2 weeks before you go as you won't be able to do any stabilisation before the holiday, I would recommend doing 1200 for a week and then 1500 for a week.



jelly belly

aww sarah
as much as you feel dissapointed in your self i really hope you will try and enjoy your hols
beleive me there are much bigger women out there who go to these places so you will not stick out or be the biggest

i agree with mike about the plans

just have fun sarah
life is to short to be sad and worry about weight
you are to hard on yourself
just take it easy and when you come back get back on cd but enjoy the hols

kaz :D
Hi sarah,
Just as Mike said dont be so hard on yourself, so you are not the weight you would have liked to be, but you can use how you feel today , to motivate you to make sure your next holiday is a slim one! Follow the great advice go easy on the carby junk on holiday, and for goodness sake realy enjoy it!
I woudnt worry about feeling big or actually being too big to swim with the dolphins , I can gaurantee you WILL NOT BE TOO BIG! this is florida you are going to , the YAnks can be enormous! I remember going to Florida when my children were young an ddreding it thinking I ham such a fat heiffer everyone will stare at me, and I wont be able to go on any rides etc. etc. When I got there I honestly felt like TWIGGY , there are so many really BIG < BIG people in the states and you know what ? no one bats an eyelid. Its the norm, the people themselves dont care the young girls wear what they want, shorts, cropped tops the lot so dont you worry you will be absolutely fine! As for the dolphins , they will love you! Dolphins dont judge and you will easily fit into a boyancy jacket they have them up to about 60 inch chest for all the big guys out there so I'm sure you will be A- OK.
JUst go have a fabulous time , and cherish the precious memories! (oh and think about us poor Sobs here in the rain and floods LOL)


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I know ssing isnt a good idea and to be honest know my hearts not 100% in it anyway but im really fed up today and so do not want to go and be miserable!!!
You will see much worse than you think you are when you go to Florida. Grossly overweight elderly woman with piled on make up, false eyelashes... the lot!
I too put 5 stones on after coming off the diet in the late 80's, but I'm getting it off and so will you.
Please don't be hard on yourself and enjoy the holiday.


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Hey you have paid for it, so do you want to stay here and sit at home on your own feeling sorry for yourself.
Or go and have a fab time.
Be realalistic with yourself, nothing short of asking Harry Potter to cast a slimming spell is gonna get it all off in two weeks, so go have fun, take tons of piccies and then next time you go as a slim minny take a load more and see how much you have achieved ( have you seen icemoose piccie standing on a bridge)
You only live once.
xx hugs x x


Taking Back Control...!!!
Just to let you know you are not alone.....

This time last year I was 13.7 - not at goal but 6 stone down from when I'd started.... felt amazing and though I say it myself really didn't look bad either...:eek:

This time this year I am 17.7 - 4 stone regain....:eek: feeling fat as a hippo and ashamed and embarressed.... we go on holiday in 10 days and I am going to 'try my best' to loose a few more pounds.....

When I get back I just know I will be no track - not necessarily CD but some kind of healthy eating/ww/sw type diet.....

Go on holiday, have a good time and start afresh when you get home.....


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Hiya sweetie, Listen, you sound just like me. We went to Florida in April/May, we'd been before a couple of times so I knew there was going to be many a fat girl out there and plenty of them would be bigger than me. I put on about 6 stone over the past 7 years after packing in smoking, it's horrendous to gain such a huge amount of weight especially after being so slim. Anyway, whilst in Florida I decided just as one of our other cd'ers said that my next holiday was going to be a slim one, and I have now started ssing. I'm a newbie on day 12 and I know it must be really hard for you to get back onto SS so I would do as Mike suggested, or just totally cut down on junk, you can still enjoy the nice food just pick healthy options and try to pick yourself up a bit, you're gonna have a super time in Florida and I know you won't feel uncomfortable when you are there as there will be many a girl bigger than you, no matter how big or small you are!!! When we were there I didnt OVER INDULGE OR EAT IN SECRET as I usually would at home.... I just ate sensibly mostly but then still had a treat per day, like if I had a burger and chips for lunch or tea I couldnt have ice cream later that night. If I ate a hot dog which are not as fattening as the burger and chips, I would have a nice ice cream later, so I did have treats EVERYDAY, but was concious of what I was eating too. Listen hun, please cheer up, you are gonna love your holiday, you really really are, nothing will spoil Florida for you, especially if You are going to spend time in Disneyworld...oooohhhh we go to Disneyland Paris in Novemeber... can't wait.. If you've not been to Disney Florida before and you want to ask me anything, we've been twice in the last 6 months just PM me and I'll give you as much info as poss.

Cheer up sweetheart, don't beat yourself up, look forward to your trip and just have it in your head that when you get back you are going to eat healthily. xxxx:hug99:
Hi Sarah.. ((hugs)) to you... please please don't beat yourself up, you can go and still have a fabulous time on your hols, believe me, and then when you get back re-read your first post and use that as your motivation to get back on track and never have to feel like this again...

Last year I booked a holiday to New York with my sister, it was my dream place to go, and I vowed I wouldn't go unless I was slim... anyhow, plans changed and we ended up going a lot earlier than expected and I was still the same size... I thought 'Oh no, everyone will stare at me, everyone will judge me as this big fat brit girl' but nope, nobody seemed to care... I was just another tourist enjoying the country... all the things you will get to do will put such a smile on your face and that's what people will notice, not your shape or size... my holiday to NY holds a very special place in my heart and it makes me sad that I could've cancelled over something so - in the grand scheme of things - insignificant as my weight (I have a brain tumour so this trip was a chance to 'breathe' and not worry about life for a few weeks...)....

By day 3 of my hols, cos it was so hot, I was wearing just jeans and vest tops, now there's no way in hell I'd do that over here, but on holiday your mindset will relax and you'll be so caught up in having a fab time that you just shouldn't give a damn... you can use all the energy you'd spend worrying for doing and succeeding with the diet when you get back...!!

have a lovely holiday, instead of two weeks dreading it, spend 2 weeks thinking how wonderful it's going to be! Florida and swimming with dolphins!!!!! that's wonderful!!

If I were a littler person I'd say squeeze me in your suitcase!!!

tinks x


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Thanks evryone feeling a bit better so will see how I go but still fed up being a 20 stone monster!!
Sarah you may be bigger than you want to be right now and you may be kicking yourself for the lack of self discipline etc etc etc but you are not a Monster!!!!

You may have good reason to be angry with yourself but it is wrong to use such an awful term for you.

Being overweight doesn't make us monstrous it just makes us fat!!

Come on now and try to lighten up (forgive the pun!). Like everyone else has said Florida is the home of the REALLY, REALLY BIG GIRL. Those girls give overweight a whole new meaning!!!

And given that there are so many big girls and chaps in that part of the world I am sure you will no problem finding a wet suit and jacket to fit. So zip yourself into it and go hug some dolphins and let us know what it was like when you get back.

Bon Voyage.

p.s. I know that IceMoose is probably right about not SSing for the two weeks before you go but it might make you feel a bit better - I know it would me. Do what you think is best for you.


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Its funny isnt it that I wouldnt judge anyone else my size or bigger but I so believe everyone judges me for it!!! Suppose its just me being mega sensitive about my weight at the moment and hating the fact that although we know its not politically correct to to use anything racist or sexiest anyone can still be say anything about someone who is overweight and get away with it!!

And if I hear anyone laughing I will automatically think there laughing at me!!! Not just that there having fun in Florida!!


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Thank you all for your kind words, I know you all understand where im coming from on the being so down on my self about it and I know theres only me can do anything about it!!!

You are all doing so well on your weight loss journeys and after my holidays I will try to get back on board with you all!!
Just wanted to add, my friend is 21 stone, ok she is about 5ft 9. But she looks great.
Her whole attitude is to live life, yes her weight gets her down but she is just not ready at this time to want to do anything.
She has an air of self confidence about her, she wears clothes to suit her size and shape and people are drawn to her and love her.
Love yourself and I hope you have a fab time, say hi to Mickey for us, cos were all really jelous !!!!!


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Hi Sarah, as the others have said previously - honestly there 'seem' to be only 2 sorts of Americans, from one extreme to the other. The thin ones and the absolutely enormous ones. When I was there in November at my heaviest of 21st 7lbs I did not feel out of place. I fitted on the rides, and the only people 'my size' were other Uk people. I didnt feel people were staring, in fact I think to be fair I was the one staring at the American's (more in wonder at where they got bum bags to fit from)!

I know the expense a holiday to Florida costs -- do not ruin it now by beating yourself up. Put it behind you and go and have an absolute DREAM holiday, and if you are still un-happy when you get home, pop back on here and we'll all support you and kick your arse into gear *smiles*.


Mrs Roch

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Hi Sarah,

Nothing should stop you enjoying this holiday and having the absolute time of your life...

You're letting your opinions of you make you low not everyone elses.

If you were 25-30 years older would you feel like this - saying that everyone else is going to be young and you're going to be old on the rides... you wouldn't and so why should size have anymore relevance than age.

Everyone is in Florida for the same reasons as you - to have a wonderful holiday, have some fun and meet all their childhood heros...

People are packaged differently, that's what makes us all unique. You can change your packaging when you get back - it won't make you any more or any less unique then you are already but it may make you feel better.

Set yourself a few little goals for when you get back so you'll be motivated to jump on to CD as soon as possible but in the meantime, Life is about more than just this diet - start getting yourself hyped for this holiday and have a wonderful time...


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:wow:have to say TTey68, you have done marvelous, the amount of weight that you have lost in such a short space of time!!!



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As the others have said no one will notice your size in Florida and there'll be plenty of people much bigger.

I went to China a couple of years ago - a fat westerner seemed to be rather a novelty and very amusing to the locals :ashamed0005:

Have a wonderful holiday :bliss:

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