I can't do it


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I cannot get back on the bandwagon :( :( I'm really struggling, and I really really want to be thin. I went from over 16 stones to over 12 stones and am now back at b****y 14 stones and I HATE it.

So if I hate it so much, and really want to be thin, then WTF can't I do it! I did it before no problems - why is it so hard this time?

I really really want to do it. But then if I do, why can't I?

Very angry with myself, and upset, and hating being fat :-(

Lynne x
Hey hey Lynne!

First thing to do is calm down and not beat yourself up as that just leads to the dark side!

Why don't you try doing 790 for a couple of weeks and ease yourself back down into sole source or even stay on 790 to get your weight off, the more I see people the more I realise that the losses are virtually the same and it takes away some of the emotional baggage of sole source ?

Hi Lynee,

I found it the same when I broke the diet and I don't think I have lasted more than two or three weeks, it came to the point I took time out from SSing and now I am back.

Like you I feel so determined, yesterday was very tough going and I kept saying to myself...you can have whatever you want once your at goal...

I talked myself through yesterday and I am so glad I did, even though I felt like Sh!t:(

It is one day at a time...This morning I woke up feeling the best I have done in ages and I made a commitment to drink my water and not let it slide as I feel water is key to doing this diet.

I have weighed in at 13st 1lb. I would love to be eight stone, but I have to be realistic and I am aiming for nine stone for Christmas as my weight slowed down with Lipotrim and it will probably do the same with CD?

I got as low as I think 11st. 6lbs. and here I am again at 13st. 1lb. did go a couple of pounds higher but I stabilized at around the 13st.

Piper we can keep each other strong and finish this diet:)
Hi Lynne

I hope you don't mind me posting on this, I don't want to "crowd" you!

Can I suggest you go back to your LL foundation book and read the week 7 crooked thoughts section? Out of everything we have learnt so far, it is that that has gone clink in my brain and I have a feeling if you refresh your memory on crooked thinking (and probably did some thought records though that is tomorrows class for me) it may help you regain your focus?

Also are you blogging? I find that helps me through the tough bits - even though quite often I don't add them as some how seeing it there in black and white makes it all too real and I want to hide my negativity from the world not show it?!?

Sending you a huge hug.

Piper you can do it!! It might take some time but if you keep trying you will get eventually. I'm sure there's lots of us that have started, stopped and started again.. I definitely am one of those people. Just keep trying, but if you find it too hard, start from one the higher programs and ease your way into SSing. If you can SS anymore just do 790kcal, you still get great results!:D
You know i could have well written this post. I am in the same boat and while i am trying to not let the panic set in...it starting...

I may start a blog and post religiously everyday about how i am getting on...

Think i need to see my progress...

I have no idea what to say or how to help, but you are certainly not alone in the stress of a gain and a desire to lose - lost in self disgust and hatred

But we can do it.

Hey Piper....

You can do this if you want it, hun...here..check this out and I hope that it helps you to find another way of approaching it.


By the way, doing the 790 programme is a great suggestion as it will still provide you with a substantial and healthy weight loss whilst eating protein and veg. Sole source is not the only way, hun....

Good luck :)