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I cant seem to get back on the wagon


Slimming for my children
I dunno why.
Basically i had a row with hubby as he is so forgetful and sunday we got all the way home 2 hour drive for him to realise he had left something that he needed for work the next day! So i drove another half hour to the station. Just gets on my nerves he forgets everything.

So i was home alone all of sunday night and ate and ate and ate and since then i haven't stopped.

I want to do this so badly and i was doing so so well but i just am so tired (baby been up all night for 2 nights) so had no sleep and the house ius a dump so when he is asleep i have to clean!

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oh sounds like your having a rotten time. Ok, draw a line under the last few days, forget about them, they didnt happen! and carry on as you usually would hun. If you havent yet eaten, go and make yourself a lovely sw friendly brekkie, put your feet up for half an hour and try and chill. I realise this may be nigh on impossible with a small baby! but its worth a try. Your weight losses have been fantastic, so dont give up now hun, it will all be worth it when your running around after your baby wearing the clothes you want to wear, and feeling fabulous darling! xx


Slimming for my children
thanks hun. had weetabix and milk and hoping to be able to have asda chick pea dahl for lunch to fill me up and not slip.

i weigh thurs so not got long to try and rectify!


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Awww - it sounds like you (and hubby too) are getting into a viscious circle, and getting overtired.
Now - you HAVE to look after your little one. BUT - if there is a chouce between looking after you and looking after the house - go with looking after YOU. The sun's shining so you can afford to take bubba and turn your back on the mess.

Don't be ashamed to ask for help from your family and friends either. I'm sure they'd love the chance to make your life easier if they can. Give yourself a break! xx


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Well, i wouldnt worry about rectifying it hun, our bodies are uncontrollable sometimes, so i would Just concentrate on getting back on it 100% first. And dont worry if you sts or have a small gain at WI, i think youll still lose personally, but even if you dont, so what. You have lost every other time and are doing amazing, so dont let one blip undo your last 6 weeks, because you have done so well. xx


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sorry, just read your other post! dont get dressed today then! have a pj day, get your energies back up,forget about the house, it will still be there tom and can be sorted then! get yourself on the sofa and watch this morning! xx


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Awww hun and if i was you when the baby sleeps get on the sofa and nap to,dont worry about any housework that can always be done another day.hope you manage to get some sleep today.:)xx

Mrs V

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Hey Hun.

Deep breaths! It will get better. Men are there sometimes to test us, but also sometimes we dont always communicate enough with them and assume they know what we are thinking about. Im really guilty of this and I've also been known to have a conversation in my head and then accuse Hubby of not listening to me or forgetting that I have said something to him when in fact I havent!
Oh and just because you havent done any cleaning or gotten dressed doesnt make you a failure. You are a Mummy! As long as you and Little one are ok, the house will not fall down just becasue you havent put the dishes away!

Just take things easy and try and plan the rest of the few days before your weigh in.

Take care

i'd agree , just forget about the housework :D .... lets face it, there will always be housework! if you do it today there will still be more tomorrow, and the day after lol. Enjoy the time you have just you and your little one, they grow up too quickly. if your other half complains that you haven't done the housework then explain how you are feeling to him ... having a baby full time is just as exasting and time consuming as a day at the office ! :D

your doing great on your diet, don't give up now ! :)


Slimming for my children
thanks guys.
Its hubs whos being fnuny with me i asked whats wrong and he just shrugs his shoulders think thats not helping either but i cant mind read lol.
is it possible that you could family to look after the baby one evening, so you can have some time alone with your hubby? Go out, or stay in, but maybe you just need some time together to talk with no distraction. Could be that your both just knackered! xx


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I know he's getting some sleep on the sofa, but he's probably still getting to that over-tired stage too. He probably doesn't want to say that to you knowing how little sleep you're getting.
Discussions / explanations are all very well, but can also require a certain level of emotional energy that you probably haven't got at the moment. If that's the case try to fit in a long hug. You need to be there for each other. He's your partner in this, and even if he's a bit dippy at it, he's a better ally than syn-full snacks!



Slimming for my children
Yea probably.
Thanks guys,
Just so so tired. tried to have a nap whilst baby was sleeping and got 12 minutes exactly lol. better than nothing i spose.
The first year with a new baby can be really exhausting and tough for everyone. Hope your day has improved somewhat.

P.S. Have you heard of a book called 'What Mothers Do: Especially When It Looks Like Nothing'? You can find it on Amazon and it's a book I recommend to all other mums - if you can keep awake long enough to read, that is! :)
Hi hun, sending you huge hugs!!! it does get better..i was so sick of people telling me that but finally after 7 months of no sleep and constant wakenings she finally sleeps through the night. Like you i also found it hard to nap when soph naps, it take 20 mins to settle her then she only sleeps for another 20mins so i get on with cleaning etc.

As for hubby, i think having a baby is a shock and especially with the tiredness, me and OH have had horrible arguements normally over stupid things like him just wanting to stay in and me wanting to go out as a family or forgetting that i send something etc but again it also gets better in time. So chin up, forget about the past couple of days and get back on the plan. You have done amazingly well in such a small space of time, your son lovess you unconditionally but when hes older he will be so proud of his Yummy Mummy xxxx


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My daughter didn't sleep all through the night until she was 3 years old, so I know how you're feeling with the tiredness etc (she's now nearly 22 and sleeps all the time!). When I look back, I don't think 'oh my house was always clean', lets face it, in the grand scheme of things that is so unimportant. It sounds like both you and your hubby are depressed, you really need to talk, and make time for each other. Plan a little fun and leave the chores. Good luck x

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