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I can't stop eating, what is wrong with me!!!!

Hey sorry for the winge but I'm sooo pissed off I wasnt to scream! I seem to be all or nothing, if I go to the gym I seem to make good food choices, and if not I end up eating junk.
I think I done too much last week at the gym--10x45min exercise classes (spin, weights etc) and 1x60min swim. I was over-training and injured myself. This week I can't exercise due to injury, so what do I do? EAT! I can't stop! And I'm thinking the only way to rectify it is by doing lots of exercise when I go back to gym, but then I'm thinking what a waste of time.. I just want to be normal and not worry about food choices etc. I just constantly think about food/dieting/exercising/binging. It's wreaking my head and I feel like crap. Sorry for rant x :cry::17729:
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Hey rant away hun!, that's what we are all here for, I know exactly where you are coming from because I'm an all or nothing gal myself and when I exercise eat realy healthily but once I start eating crap again, stop exercising thinking there is no point!!!

Today I have eaten loads and loads, fortunately it has been the right stuff I can have but all I can suggest though is that you learn balance, 10 exercise classes in 1 week? blimey! no wonder you ended up injured!

Try and look on exercise as something you can sustain for life and not just as a short term boost to help your weight loss, so from that find something you enjoy and can fit into your life, instead of it taking over your life
Hey, don't worry hun.....

I started off the day brilliantly, while I was occupied with shopping I wasn't thinking about food! Once I got home I tucked into a nice big cake........now I feel bad (and a bit sick!)

I find when I can keep my hands busy then I don't think about eating. I make jewellery, cards etc which you can get quite involved in.

Rachelina is right though, 10 exercise classes is a lot! 3 or 4 good sessions per week should be enough, but this might just be walking to the shops and back. Try not to think of SW as a diet, but a new way of life! As soon as I think diet my tummy screams for food!!

sorry to go on, hope some of that was helpful!!


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Oooh I have a similar problem. I am exercising a good amount but can't seem to stop eating! I train 5 hours per weeks and do 3-4 1.5 hour gym sessions but the days I don't go I seem to just eat!

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