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I cant stop gaining weight!!!!

I am so depressed. I have had an operation to take my gallbladder out. I was away from Slimming World for a few weeks and when I went back 2 weeks ago, I had gained 10lbs. I was gutted but it gave me the kick up the ass that I needed. Been sticking to the plan 100% and I gained 1.5lbs this week. I felt that I should have lost weight. I am diabetic and I take metformin tablets and byetta injection. I have had no side effects with the injection before my op and now I cant take it after having my gallbladder out. I hv to stay off it for 6 weeks and I just feel like I putting on loads. I am so de-motivated and I hate it!!!! :cry::cry::cry:
Not sure what to do, i have even had people saying that I am putting on weight, it is a horrible feeling!!!
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Sorry I haven't got any advice re medication and gaining, but just wanted to send a hug and to say that I hope you start losing again soon. I know medications can have strange effects on our weight, so hopefully you'll get sorted out soon.

Thanks for your kind words, i am just having a bad time! Not sure if I am coming or going, feel like all the hard work is just not paying off at all!!! xx
hi hun really feel for you :grouphugg: all i can say is try and stick with it and hopefully u will start losing perhaps start a food diary on here so we can see what ur eating and maybe offer some advice.. .. could be ur not eating enough good luck x
hi hun i will pop by and take a look :rolleyes: when i started i had loads of help and advice from other members and it really did help xx
Keep at it, you will get there in the end.


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Don't give up!
I am a type 2 diabetic and start each day with a cocktail of 12 tables including metformin.
I enjoy my meals and always include a salad and a portion of fruit after, when possible.A week of homemade soups seem to help me so once every month I do that.
Good luck.............
Don't give up I am also a diabetic I take insulin twice a day plus now taking the slow release metformin I have only been going to slimming world for 6 weeks and had 2 maintains before I lost anything I have now lost 7 1/2 lbs so please don't give up it will come good for you
How long is it since your op? If it's within the last 10 weeks or so you could be retaining water and other fluids in your tissues due to the healing process. Also the body holds onto and tries to store fat after a trauma to protect itself and for the body an operation like that would be a trauma.
If you just stick to food optimising it will eventually back off but it'll probably be slow until the body realises that it's out of danger and so can release fat again.

Take care and hope you have a swift recovery.
It was 9 weeks this friday from I had my operation. I feel great other than gaining weight!! It just is making me really miserable. I need to get my diabetic injections started again but I am not due to start them until next week as it was mkn me feel ill post op.

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