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I cheated....and I don't even feel guilty!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
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Hi all, hope you had good weekends.........

Well, I went out last night and had the usual oh why aren't you drinking whats this diet you are on blah blah you dont need to be on a diet - lalalala all that..........and so I told them and they continued to tell me that I looked good enough - but I said not good enough for me yet!!

So anyway that is beside the point, when I was out - and everyone was drinking (apart from me) and we were dancing I felt good.......but also so hungry.........and I got the image of a great big healthy chicken kebab in my head........

Before I knew it I had piled the girls into my car and was driving to the nearest kebab shop.

It was the most blissfull 10 mins of the past 2 weeks (actually thats a lie - it was when i got into size 12 trousers haha).

You have to understand that I am a healthy size 12 now, and to others i look great - to me i dont yet, not good enough, so thats why i am still on it.

Anyway,what i mean is - the mixture of being out, and everyone telling me i looked good and that got the better of me and i thought what the heck! It was hardly a really bad cheat either - and i enjoyed it so much that i dont even feel guilty.

BUT - I wouldn't do it again, no way because its not worth it? I feel like i have taken a step back sort of, the 10 mins of grabbing that pitta bread and practically making love to that chicken (yes you can all picture the red cabbage falling down my face) was not worth it to be honest because what is the point really? I think this is something to think about when i actually think i am hungry but actually not....

I dont regret it - as i am carrying on SS - with more determination - as i know that those cravings dont lead to anything that great in the long run. Its just fantasy!

It was nice though.........
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You;ve so got the right attitude....ye had it, dont necessarily want it again, arent dwelling on it and are moving on.....at least next time you get a craving you;ll remember last night!! I wonder though, technically waht would do more harm.....a few drinkies or a kebab?!?!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
S: 13st10lb C: 13st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you!!! I am glad you think so - Im not too bothered about it to be honest.

I think a few drinks would - the sugar?!

The kebab was healthy, fresh grilled chicken, lovely salad and the bad thing was probably the white pitta bread!? It was delicious.

Im just looking forward to thursday and seeing if i have still lost - i should have, it was only 1 measly kebab!!!



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I think if you had just had the chicken and salad - it wouldnt have taken you out of ketosis but I must admit chicken kebabs are one of my favs. Well done for not drinking, that would def have caused more harm.
I love chicken kebabs mmmmm Only time I've had tem lately is when I've been off SS and been drinking :eek: :(

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