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I cheated!

i know it was wrong of me and i will def be back on tomorro 100 percent! honest! i didnt have the right approach this time.. i left no time for the shakes at all and have only had one shake since i started two 1/2 days ago.. so i havent had any calories for 2 days :S i've been living on water and tonight i got some pains in my chest which worried me so i ate outa panic really.
I know i need to make the time, and i def will from now on.
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i know i'll really have to.. ive never been one for organisation so im found finiding the time for them hard. But im def determined to do this.. im annoyed i ate anything as i didnt feel hungry just freaked out.. maybe it was for best thou.. didnt wanna die or something lol im probably being dramatic but u never know :p
Good luck for tomorrow. You really need to keep your focus hun. I know you were busy but you have got to make time for you shakes. You can't do this diet by halves. x
i know :( i very disapointed in myself. i know ive got the will power.. just lack the time management and effort
You know you MUST have your shakes! Smack bum for you young lady. Depending on what you ate you may be back in ketosis very quickly. Protein and salad is the best thing if you have to cheat but carbs are a definite no-no.

Your health is important and you will have all you need if you do stick to your 3 shakes. I have gone all day till after 3pm before I've had my first shake coz of children and other activities but I try to have my first by 1pm at the latest. I often have the last one just before bed but I always make sure I have it.

Look after yourself babe, you don't want to make yourself poorly and have to come off the best diet ever!

thanx cf, unfortunately i did not eat well, i really regret it and am going to be a liptrim angel from tomorro xxx
I hold you to that, lady! ;)
Me too!!! Or Gemma and I will have to come over and have serious words with you young lady!!! (sorry if I sound like a bossy mother, I often have to be strict with my little angels!!!!!!!)

i will honest.. thanx u guys for ur care & support :D
Hehe!! Yeah, so be good! ;)

CF we can be the LTES (pronounced 'lites' of course lol) for LipoTrim Enforcement Squad
inspired by rainbowb i added an avatar lol but im afraid incase some1 knows me lol
oh thats a good name lol sounds very official.
Honey, so what if someone knows you? I started LT and was afraid to tell any of my friends because I was worried about what they'd think. After I'd lost 2st I came clean... because I was proud of what I'd achieved. Leave the avatar up and it gives you more incentive to behave yourself because then if someone you know does see it you can turn around and rub your fantastic weight loss in their chubby faces!! :D
thats true.. im being weird i guess.. your doing amazingly well, any tips? p.s i love ur hair!
Love it Gemma! Sounds good!

Christiona good luck for tomorrow.

I know what you mean about the avatar, I'd rather no-one I know realises Cuddlyfairy is me! Silly isn't it! But very few know I am on LT and I'd rather keep it that way!


Awww, thank you sweetie :) Tips... I know you'll prolly cringe at this one but drink more water. Seriously, when I drink 2l all week I lose about 2lb, but when I drink 4l per day I lose closer to 4lb. It really makes a difference! :D
And all that water keeps you feeling full!

I suggested to my MIL that she had a glass of water before each meal and she finds she eats less now!

well i'll be on my best behavior tomorro. off to bed now.. thanx for the chat xxx speak tomorro no doubt, i live on this site nowadays! (a good thing of course) nite all xxx
Goodnight babe! You'll be fine tomorrow.


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