I climbed a mountain! Honestly ;-)


Got a life thank you!
We are away in the lakes without kids and hubby and I decided to go for a walk, on advice we headed off for what we thought was a four mile walk, maybe around a lake!

So we set off and we soon came to the most amazing waterfall coming directly down the side of a mountain. The path we were on got steeper and steeper and before I knew it (well after about an hour anyway) we were at the top of the waterfall. We decided to carry on to see where the path took us and steadily climbed until we got more or less to the top - we were in the clouds by this point. At the top there was the most beautiful stunning lake with ducks, it was stunning, absolutely stunning, it was like a mirror reflecting the very peaks of the mountain just a bit further up. We had lunch (well I had crisps) and spent an hour just talking and reflecting. Then we made our way down again.

In total I took well over 1800 steps, walked 6.85 miles and according to the pedometer burnt off 896 steps, although it was probably a lot more because we were walking up a mountain.

No way under the sun would I have climbed a mountain before this diet, but I was so determined to climb to the peak, somehow it symbolised the mountain I have to climb to lose the weight - although I think that sounds a bit mad lol!

My legs are throbbing though, despite jumping (or limping as was the case) straight into a spa bath back at the hotel.

Have been ravenous hungry tonight though and it has been a huge battle not to eat.

But still I climbed a mountain!
Yup, that is what I would have said until today!
Congratualtions and well done Flopster!!!

Hi Flopster,

I want to climb a mountain too!!!!!!!!!!!

That sounded like a brill time...on my wish list is to join a club and set off on walking weekeds...

It sounds lovely, the waterfall and all that, any pics to put up in the photo gallery?

A day to remember:)

Love Mini xxx

But still I climbed a mountain![/quote]

You sure did Flopster!!!!:D

Don't feel like it sounds a bit mad to say climbing the mountain symbolises your weight loss journey......makes perfect sense to me and tells me how determined and strong you are.:) Bleeding well done;)

A VERY Impressed Lacey.....xxx
Thanks everyone!

Unfortunately I don't think we got any pictures that are usable - we forgot the camera but took some on a mobile phone - i have no idea how to upload from the phone but will try to work out when we get home.

Today we are going shopping and for a walk around a lake (more what I had in mind).

Surprisingly I am not aching today, I thought I wouldn't be able to walk lol!
If your phone is anything like mine you can email the pic to yourself :)
Sometimes they can come out okay...have a go and see what happens if they are not what you expect you can always hit the erase button.:)

I have one of our dog taken with a mobile phone of the photo gallery, not great quality but not too bad either.:rolleyes: