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I could cry,i'm a joke :(


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I couldnt have felt better yesterday, i sneakily weighed myself before my wi today and i was 14.6, that woulda been a loss of 7bls! but today the pharmacy man said i only lost 2bls and he seemed disgusted and said i must have eaten! i told him what i had weighed yesterday and he raised his eyebrows as if he though+ i was making it up :( he was also asking did i even want to do another week, i said of corse. but when i left i was so upset i gave myself the stupid idea that if i had a big burgerking it'd "Kick start things" what bull. anyway, i did. on the bus home now using all my credit to write this on my mobile. have i ruined it for next week too? anyone else had a slip up and gone on to have a loss. i feel hopeless,miserable and destined to fail. im really sorry for such a negative post i just dont know where else to turn. x hope your all well. x
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moral of the story! Dont weigh yourself on other scales - just wait for your official weigh in because this is what happens. You get high expectations and then, thump, down you come with a blow.

2lb is a good loss; you did lose 9lbs last week didnt you? So that is 11lb in 2 weeks, so I woulnt have been annoyed. Not a very nice pharmacy you have there, if I were you I would look to changing for a start. They are there to give you support not tear you down and for you to feel like you are a failure.

You had a burger, not the best thing to have with the bun, but no point cryig over spilt milk to be honest...it is done.....you can salvage it, IF YOU DONT EAT ANY MORE.Get back on the shakes and keep focussed and you probably have brought yourself out of ketosis, but I know people who have slipped up and then lost the next week. The beauty for you is, you have a full 7 days to rectify it.

hang in there and just learn from the lesson and DONT allow feelings dictate as it will just be a slippy slope and you will make every excuse under the sun.

You are doing well and just keep remembering the 11lbs you have now lost! What other diet offers this.

Take care and dont beat yourself up.....just move on and we are all here for you!


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Daisy you are not a joke hun, and your pharmacist sounds like a complete and utter A**E! its not fair that he made you feel that way! at all, they are there to support you and from what you said he did the complete opposite, im sorry you are feeling so down , please dont be so hard on yourself sweetie .... pick yourself up, i know its easier said than done, the main problem you might have now is wanting to eat more and feeling hungry, might be hard to get back into it, but if you do and you keep going at it, you will proberly still have a loss next week x


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Aw hun sorry to hear the pharmacist was so harsh. The first time I did it, I lost 11lbs the first week and only a pound the following week I was devastated, but I carried on and from then on I had regular losses of 3 - 5 lbs.

OK so you have eaten, but its not the end of the world, and you can't change that. All you can do is get yourself back on track, drink plenty of water and look forward to your successful weight loss x x


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Thanks both of you. it was stupid to eat i know but im back on the horse. 11bls is great in the picture, i should have come on here instead of to burgerking! heres hopinp for next week! has anyone ever had a good loss after a slip that bad?x


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Don't forget clothes and everything has an impact aswell. Tbh, if you weigh yourself on a decent pair of scales at home, they're probably more accurate than what they are at the pharmacy. Don't let it dim your hopes, keep going strong, and if I were you I'd see about changing pharmacists because he sounds awful!


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Definitely change pharmacists. They should be there to support you and not "accuse" you of anything. I am really sorry that you ate though - it will have upset things a bit, but as Scotmist says you have 7 days to put it right. PLEASE don't eat again until re-feed, whatever the provocation!

Onwards and upwards


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dont despair, people have still lost, even when they have a little slip up, dont expect much this week and you wont be disappointed. Sometimes the pharmacy have got it wrong, re the calculations, they did to me when I did it and it made me feel bad, even though I knew my scales were right. I think your pharmacist is less than supportive, so no wonder you came out feeling like you did. Dont give up its worth it.


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I agree about the pharmacist, what an a**ehole!! You poor thing, i'm feeling low myself so can understand how you are feeling hun. I hope your day gets better!


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What a turd! hes meant to be giving you support and now making you feel worse...

Get back on the horse and back to just 3 shakes a day xxx


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i feel SO MAD after reading your post !!! how dare he say them things to you i would defo complain to LT about him, he gets paid to do a service and give positive advice which he is just not doing
dont worry about the burgerking its done its dusted, just get back on your shakes hun and try get back in the right mindset
good luck you can do it xxxx
Hang on in there, sweetie......you have done remarkably well not to tell your Pharmacist to p**s orf! You just jump back up on that horse and come along with all the other Lipotrimmers, who are in for the ride of our lives ! x


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hey well done u 11lbs in 2wks great job you need to make a complaint about him that is so out of order I would have probably decked him put it behind you focus on you and if need be rant your heart out on here thats what were all here for xx


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urgh that makes me so angry . if the pharmacist hadnt been such a b*****d then you would be fine ..ugghh stupid stupid.....(i could go on but im not going to..lol)
anyway listen up, i slipped up the day after my weigh in this week, and im weighing in on sat and im already down.and i went out of ketosis totally.
believe in yourself. dont listen to people who give out like that, you knew you hadnt eaten!!
just get right back on those shakes sweetie and pretend it didnt happen,,thats what i did, and whatever you do do not give in again. prove to that stupid person what your made of.....xx


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Don't forget clothes and everything has an impact aswell. Tbh, if you weigh yourself on a decent pair of scales at home, they're probably more accurate than what they are at the pharmacy. Don't let it dim your hopes, keep going strong, and if I were you I'd see about changing pharmacists because he sounds awful!

I agree with Aaron about the scales. I use myhome scales for my weigh-in. They are rarely moved and they are much better quality than the ones in my pharmacy. I also, due to work, cant guarentee to weigh-in on the same day every week, at least my own scales are in the bathroom which gives me a consistent weight on the same day of the week.

I slipped up on Sunday just gone and have struggled since.

Get back on the LTrain NOW and you will be grand!!
Your chemist man is a bullroot. 11 pounds in 2 weeks is awesome. Tell him to wind his neck in!!

Im glad you went to Burger King, if you had of went to McDonalds then that would have been bad, Burger King is much better!! lol ;)

Onward and downard babe - look at the BIG picture.

Ordinary things (ie taking 3 shakes and drinking water) consistently done (ie every single day to refeed) create extraordinary results (ie you being one slim sexy lady for summer 2010.)

Its simples. xox u can do it xox