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  1. Trolley Dolly xx

    Trolley Dolly xx Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to say how amazing everyone is doing....I especially following Curly Wurlie, Tilly Floss and Mrs Lampard..your all doing great.
    Sorry I do not post much as out of the country so much...off to Iceland tomorrow (NOT THE SHOP!!!!)
    Well, I been 100% for 13 weeks and the last few days if it stopped long enough I ate it . Sorry I know not meant to mention the F**D word, back on it now for 2 days. But what scared me was how easily I did it. After the first night was very ill and carried on for 2 more days...stuffing my face and didnt feel any better for it..physically and emotionally.
    Did not know wether to weigh myself..well did as needed to see the damaged convinced I had put on 4 stone..I know impossible...have put on 3 lbs.
    I am back on it...I know to put it behind me but was very scary that my old habits still lurking.
    Sorry very long post and just a bit of a rant.
    Back on it !00% till goal.

    Have a good week. Sorry everyone.:wave_cry: xx
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  3. Caz

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    Just draw a line under those days and start again! You can't change it so there's no point worrying about it at all! You've done amazingly well so far and you'll carry on doing really well, just put this little blip behind you. That's all it is, a blip!
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  4. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Have a hug..........

    You know something TD, you are here, you have got back on the wagon and you are ready to finish the job.....
    thats ALL you need to worry about.....

    It is scary that we can fall into habits easily, and thats why I always think that dieting is much about transforming the mind as it is the body.. in fact more so!

    I can't really advise on why you binged.... but I have found recently, that when I am thinking of sabotage or thinking generally of thinks that aren't constructive, I write things down... it seems quite trite but for me anyway it works.....
    Often when I look at what i have written I can see the problems and the solution, much more easily than trying to reason things out in my mind....

    Anyway... you are now back on track, and those 3lb will be gone in a flash....
    Oh and I am really jealous about Iceland which is one place I would really like to visit!

  5. Lin18

    Lin18 Silver Member

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    Sometimes I have come so close to what you have done, you have done so well already, a little blip is nothing, and only a 3lb blip, your back on the wagon thats the main thing, i think our old habits are always lurking, its just controling them which is the hard part even when goal is reached im sure i'll still have to stop urges, probably take a long time after CD to curb them. Dont be too hard on yourself chin up, and back to business.
  6. Trolley Dolly xx

    Trolley Dolly xx Full Member

    Thanks you, words of wisdom.
    And thanks for hug Tilly Floss.:):grouphugg:Big hug to everyone.

    Its all done now, move forward to the rest of my journey. Think I may start writing things down, I just have to learn from it and move on. xx
  7. LizzMB

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    maybe just write down how you felt eating the food, the feeling ill, the weight gain etc and stick that on the fridge to stop you from doing it again!
    Its a blip and you have stopped yourself before it became a way of life again and that is something to be sooo proud of hun!
    Well done for getting back on the wagon!
  8. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

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    Hey trolly-dolly!!!
    I too wanted to send you big big hugs.. We are both at the same stage Im on my 13th week too. Its a weird one really as I have started thinking about food to all of a sudden..
    You have done fantastically well...... and to have done 13 weeks is truly amazing.. Im amazed at myself too.. Ok so you had a blip.but hey hon your on your 13th week........ you have done so well..
    Forget it hon . dont let it get to you ..
    Keep smiling, chin up as you have done amazingly well ..
    love & hugs x
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