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I could just cry


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:cry:I am so upset, just decided to go through my wardrobe and seperate my 'thin' clothes from my 'fat' clothes. I thought this would be encouragement for me. However I forgot just how much lovely stuff I had and how stunning I used to look in it and all I am left with at the moment is big baggy dresses and tops to cover everything up.

I sat on my bedroom floor and cried. To make matters worse my Mum came in and said 'so you should cry for letting yourself down like that' NOT what I needed to hear.

I know in a few weeks things will be fitting me again but it was just an awful experience :sigh:

On the plus side I have done my first day cheat free today.

Lois xx
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i love minimins me :)
aww hun sorry to hear that :(

its my 1st day today too, i got upset this morning cos sil and mil went for a walk all dressed in pretty dresses n shorts, so i didnt go cos i only have fat, dark clothes n jeans n felt so ugly n fat

good luck with ya journey



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It's just horrible when you feel down about yourself isn't it? I am sure in a couple of weeks we will both be feeling much better though :)

We can be diet buddies if you like? x
its horrible isnt it what we do to ourselves without realising....
I have cried so many times when I look at myself and the nasty clothes I wear..
Try and bottle that feeling... write a blog and make a big thing of the feelings you have now, then if you ever feel like waivering from the plan, you can have a real incentive to keep on the straight and narrow.
You will get slim again, you just have to believe it!!


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Awwwwww that's awful......but soon you'll be fitting in those clothes again and feeling on top of the world again. Just keep picturing yourself wearing them and you'll be in them in no time.....especially with CD. I mean I started on April 20th , so tomorrow is the start of week 6 for me and the difference is amazing. I'm in longish shorts that are litterally hanging off me and a top that was once tight is now baggy!!!!!

Funny tho, before we left to go out yesterday, I changed so many times....all my tops were massive on me and making me look bigger than i am now and my combats were hanging off me too. I think when I'm at my goal the clothes I love I'll have taken in as It'll save me buying so many new clothes.

Must go through my wardrobe too. But hey you can do this, just stay on thif forum....it's been unbelievable for me and kept me on track.

Good luck and think positive that you're starting your journey xxx


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Thanks so much for your kind words. As soon as I start getting back in them I will let you know!

I know once I start seeing a difference it will make this so much easier xx


WILL be Slim!
and the good bit is it wont take long until the results show themselves!!!

Its a horrible experience when you go though something like that, HOWEVER...it can be the best thing for you! Remember every emotion you felt today and take that with you on your journey as it will come into its own when your at BBQ's, social events etc and tempted to slip!


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Im on day 3, my scales are showing results but Im not physically seeing them. I dont think I will until I am a couple of stone down.


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I always think the visible results come after the first stone, depending on your start weight. I know whenever I have lost weight it's after a stone people start to comment. Although I find I dont drop dress sizes very easily x


i love minimins me :)
yea its soo sad how harsh we are with ourselves

but i am sick of the amount of stufff i have missed out on cos i am overweight and i have promised myself never to do it again

i think i have half a new wardrobe in the next size down so fingers crossed i can wear a lot of stuff again soon


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