I couldnt wait!!


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Hi Everyone,

I was suppose to start TS on Monday but I actually couldnt wait so started it today. I have been swaying all day whethe to start today or not. I have been drinking water all morning and decided just now to have my first shake, just finished a hot vanilla and choc shake (half of each). Enjoyed it but it wasnt much!! Might add a bit more water next time. So thats me on TS until I am 56lbs lighter! Lets get this week behind me!

Also just wondered if anyone stayed of bars until in ketosis? On LL we had to stay off the bars until day 5 or 5 so we got into Ketosis easier and Im wondering if I should do this.
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S: 14st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 3st11lb(26.11%)
Hows your first day going? Mine has been good, Ive got a house full of children so they are keeping my busy. I have planned a hot bath and duvet on the couch for the evening. Watching lots of trashy tv.

Bars are allowed from day 1 but I thought if I stayed on shakes only for the first 4 days maybe id get into ketosis quicker.. I think im kidding myself though, it prob make no difference at all.


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My day is going well :) Hubby let me have a lie in until 9.30 so didn't need breakfast until 11am.
I then had my soup at 13.30 when my son was having his lunch.... I automatically made him a whole sandwich as I normally have half of it myself. But I quickly popped the unwanted half in the fridge for husband so it's not staring at me and tempting me lol! I wish I had waited before having my soup though, I wasn't hungry for it and am worried I should have saved it until I needed it! Was just habit to eat at the same time as little man lol. Evenings are the worst time for me eating so probably should have saved it until then..

I've had 2 litres of water and am feeling great at the moment though. Not hungry at all :D
Just dreading the next 3/4 days before ketosis kicks in!

I've got a few good books downloaded so that if I start thinking about food I can take my find off of it by reading, well that's the plan!

I hope the rest of your day goes well :D


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Hi and welcome. Glad it's all going well for you. Sometimes just getting started in the best thing, rather of setting a strict day when it will all change (puts pressure on and I always end up binging for the couple of days before).

I did LL a few years ago and lost about 5 stone... but on Exante I always have bars from day one and haven't seen any major differences with losses or struggles to get into ketosis. I'm sure there must be something in holding off, but for the sake of variety I just chomp them from the off. Plus, with the number of shakes and bars in a bumper pack, you will run out of shakes and have bars left over if you don't have them on each day :)

Spots xx


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S: 14st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 3st11lb(26.11%)
Thanks, I think your right, i didnt see the point in waiting any longer. I was thinking I could have a big binge out tonight but Ive got so far through the day didnt see the point in putting it off. I am sick of this weight and just want it off. I ordered a really pretty diary and that arrived today so saw it as fate for me to get started and jot down all my details. Acutally I should really take measurements today I forgot about that.

Thanks for the advice regarding the bar, I am just going to have it tonight, not going to hold off for a few days if there is no real point.


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I have planned a hot bath and duvet on the couch for the evening. Watching lots of trashy tv

I love evenings like these....and I have plenty of them when I'm on Exante, mostly because I get so blummin cold when I'm in Ketosis!

Yeah, don't forget to do those measurements! I do them every month, along with a sideways and front-on photo. It really does help to look at them when I forget how far I've come.
Sometimes I think it takes a while for your head to catch up with your body when you're doing TFR, so it isn't until you see the photos and measurements that you realise how different your body is from when you started!

Good luck with the first few days! Hope you get a great result in your first week! :)


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Hi just popped onto say hope your first day has gone well, I'm going to start tomorrow, can't wait to get started now!


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Well done u, what a great commitment! Keep it up and u will be in keto in no time