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I cracked

I had my week 3 weigh in today and lost 2lbs. I've been trying to be upbeat about it all day but I guess I was disappointed. As it's half-term, I spent 2.5 hours in a kids' play centre, sipped black coffees while my mate munched on sausage roll and chips and the kids had chicken nuggets, beans and chips. Then I came home and iced the birthday cake I made yesterday for a friend's husband and boiled a ham knuckle while James and his friend munched on various snacks. Then I went over to my friend's as she'd cooked dinner for the boys - lamb chops, roasties, tons of veg and gravy and again, I stayed strong. Then I came home ready to have my last shake but decided to strip the meat off the ham knuckle first and put it in the fridge. It was still a bit warm and so tender and, before I knew it, I was thinking "2lbs - sod it" and eating a piece. I didn't stop at one mouthful either. No carbs in that so hope I'm not out ketosis but calories? I haven't had my last shake to try and minimise the damage in that area but not sure if I should have the shake for the nutrients. I'm so p*ssed off with myself after being 100% for three weeks. How could I resist a birthday cake and fall victim to a ham knuckle? :cry:
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Aww u poor soul feeling so bad >< You have done great for 3 weeks, dont beat urself up over a bit of meat, at least it was the ham and not the cake lol, least you have tasted the guilt of it so unlikely to do it again anytime soon, good luck and chin up! x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Chin up and back on the wagon. You can do this. Don't give up as you have been doing so well. Good luck for a better day tomorrow.


Never Ever Give Up!
Lots of us have fallen off the wagon hun so don't worry about it, put it behind you and start afresh today. YOU CAN DO IT! x
dont sweat it cate, you had the ham not the cake, ham is usually my cheat aswell,,if ive burnt off too many calories at the gym i eat some or if i feel the need to eat i have a few slices of ham or cheese, you will be fine,,,
don't be down, just think of how great you will look and feel when your finished. i know you can do it :) x
Thanks everyone for your supportive words. I'm back on the wagon today.
Well done for getting back on track today.
It's so difficult as i am finding after my result last week but i am giving it my best and trying not to keep thinking back.
You have done really well so far xx


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Hi Cate well done for getting back into it. The best advise I can give is not to carry disappointment around it is the biggest diet breaker there is. Kick that disappointment into touch if it gets you again. Talk to someone. Write down pros and cons of Lipotrim. Look at how much you have lost in this case 21lbs in 3 weeks - absolutely fantastic.

If you ever feel disappointed over a weight loss get it out of your system. Try to prepare yourself that one week you might not lose anything. Start to make plans of how to deal with it. Search other peoples weight losses and look at before and after pictures and chances are you will see they had low weight losses too.

I am so happy for you that you managed to get back on board and I doubt a bit of ham would have made any difference.

Keep on keeping on hun xx
Thanks Catt and Kate. Sorry about your gain Kate. How did that happen?
I totally lost my way and willpower and found it really hard to get going again but i'm ok now. I expected a gain but at least i know it was wrong and i've buried it.
Keep up the good work, you're doing great x
Just catching up, don't beat yourself up Cate for god's sake you resisted the cake (which would HAVE bu88ered up the diet) and had ham.....and proper ham too, no preservatives of additives so it won't have done you any harm. When I had to have some food (to take meds) I usually had Parma ham (again, less additives) or plain scrambled eggs with a knob of butter to grease the pan......it may have slowed me down a tiny bit but I never came out of ketosis and never felt the urge to binge or pack it in either!

Back on track now yes? X
Thanks Sandra. I'm back on track, no problem. Really enjoyed the ham though!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good to see you did not let your slip lead to a fall back to old ways. Good for you for getting back on track. Head down now and keep going!!

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