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I did a Thought Record

Thanks to Mrs Lard I managed to complete a Thought Record this morning

What happened?
  • Felt ill
  • Argued with DH
  • No sympathy
  • Took crisps
  • Ate two packets
  • Ate Jelly babies
Most important thoughts (hot thoughts)
  • I’m unappreciated
  • I’m misunderstood
  • An inconvenience
  • Unloved
  • I’ve eaten one packet may as well carry on
How I felt
  • Ill
  • Unloved
  • Guilty
  • Indiffferent
What I did
I ate two packets of crisps and jelly babies

Evidence for hot thoughts
Hilmi is always honest and doesn’t lie to make me feel better therefore when he said that I am always grumpy and always moan that must be true. By verbalising these feelings he has that means to me that I am an inconvenience when I am ill and he cannot be bothered

Evidence Against hot thoughts
If I was really that awful DH wouldn’t still be here.

More realistic thought
DH has it tough as he works hard and is under stress so maybe he was just tired and didn’t have the patience to listen to me telling him how I felt or the patience to ignore the fact that I was being grumpy

How I feel now
  • Better for seeing the whole picture
  • Guilty for having the binge
  • Hopeful that DH will be a bit more understanding now I can explain things calmly
How I might behave now
  • Next time I feel ill just explain to Hilmi that I feel ill and go to bed with a book to avoid confrontation
  • Try to explain rather than complain
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Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Well done for doing a thought record AND posting it! I am so pleased that the notes helped. I love your phrase "explain not complain" and am going to use it myself.

I think we need to encourage/reassure everyone to remember that there is no 'right' answer - it's whatever works for you and helps to understand the real reasons behind the eating.

I think lots of people will benefit from your real-life example.

Thank you for sharing and hope you feel better soon.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxx