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I did it before and I'll do it again

New to this site but it looks fabulous. Have just started CD and hope I will find support here. About 15 years ago (so showing my age now) I lost weight (3 stone) with the CD. Now I live in Norway and have just bought my first pack (no counsellors here - you buy it in the chemist). Started yesterday but am using skimmed milk in my coffee, will this have a negative effect. Also is it ok to have one bar a day instead of ther three drinks. Looking forward to hearing from everyone and the support and help we can give each other.:eatdrink051:
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Norwegian Girl and welcome!!

Yes, you have done this once and yes, you can do it again - in fact we all can with the help and support of others on here!

Regarding the bars. You can have one a day and then have 2 shakes or soups - so you have 3 "meals" in total. (That is if you are under 5 ft 8 - I think it is!)
It would be better to not have the skimmed milk at all, but if you can loose the weight whilst taking it and stay in ketosis, then that is up to you.

Good Luck!
How will I know if I am in Ketosis? What do you think is an average weight loss per week. I am going to do some gentle exercise to begin with. I have to be slimmer by Xmas, my son is visiting and would be quite shocked at how I have ballooned in weight in the past year, I was fat but now I am fatter!!!! Well at least we are doing something about it. How long have you been doing CD and have you done it before?
Ketosis takes about 4 days to achieve and you'll know if your mouth feels 'less than fresh'. I don't know if they sell Ketostix in the chemists in Norway but that's a sure fire way to check: pee on a stick and if it's pink, you're burning fat!

If you really CANNOT stand your coffee without milk, why not buy and extra pack of vanilla shake and have a level teaspoon as a milk substitute. I've never tried it but I know people who have and have said it's an acceptable swap.

Re the bars ... it's a good idea to get ketosis well and truly established before you start on the bars. It's advised to wait until week three (I started having bars in week 2 though - I needed to CHEW! :) )

Good luck with your new journey. If you stick to CD religiously then by Christmas you'll be 3 stones lighter!
By the way - Go easy on the exercise and make it just gentle stuff ... no thrashing yourself with heavy aerobics: you're not taking in sufficient carbs to sustain hard exercise :)
Wow just looked at your photos and you are an inspiration. How fabulous to see the transformation you have made. You must be really really proud of yourself.
Well done. It is people like you who will help people like me.


Strong women stay slim
Norwegian Girl
Welcome , how much does it cost you from the chemist ? Well you will get surrport here ! Good luck !
Hi it costs about 15 pounds for a 5 day supply. Mst chemists have special offers on so that works out at 189 nok which is just over 15 pounds for 5 days. I have the cappucino flavour it is quite nice. Good luck and keep going. Have woken up early today so have decided to study for a few hours.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Good Luck Norwegian Girl!!!

You can do it, regardless of having a CDC or not. Just come on here when you have a query and someone will be there to answer and help!

I agree the pictures of you Russiandoll are fabulous!!!
Thanks ladies! :D

NG - what you pay seems very reasonable! Do they do all the flavours?


Strong women stay slim
Thats a very good price , stock up hehe
No we don't have all the flavours. I have just had a cappucino (hot and never again!). I like it cold but thought a hot one would be a delicious sadly the smell is awful. We have Strawberry, chocolate, cappucino and vanilla. Also soups in mushroom, vegetable and chicken. That is it for the shakes. I wish we had the water flavouring. I love flavoured water so do you think it would be ok just to buy my normal flavoured water it says on the bottle no calories or sugar. It is a lime and fibre one and is really yummy. I think if I could drink flavoured water it would be a huge help. Actually if I think about it how could it possibly spoil this good work. Very beautiful day here, sunny but it is getting cold now. I hate the dark weather.
Keep at it.
A teaspoon of good instant coffee whisked up in a vanilla shake is, apparently, a good substitute for a cappuchino - maybe you could try that instead of the CD version.

As for water flavourings - the only flavoured water permitted on CD is 'Perfectly Clear - Strawberry & Kiwi' flavour. Do you get that in Norway?

I think the reason we have to steer clear of sugar-free fruit squashes is because they might contain citric acid which could affect ketosis. I just have sparkling water though - even when I'm not on a diet.
No we don't get it here. I will check out the normal flavoured water and see if it says anything. I guess my excitement at flavoured water is now at risk. Ok though water from the tap is good and after the hot cappucino anything tastes good. Just downed a third of a litre. I am waiting on a delivery from e-bay then will walk to the post office to pick it up if it comes today. Just a bit nervous that the toll will charge me lots of tax!! Ordered a lovely pair of stud earrings. This was my gift to myself for being happy on the inside (even though I am fat on the outside).
I'm glad to hear you're happy on the inside NG - that's half the battle! :)
I don't like any of the shakes mixed with hot water and would prefer to have them with cold water. I don't eat soup either!!!

I have just tried a really yummy flavour - choc and orange (lactose free) and it is wonderful!!!
Norwegian Girl, if I were you, I would stay clear of the flavoured water, until you know for definite that you can have it. Is there any way that one of the CDC's on here could perhaps do some investigating for you?
You don't want to spend your time or money
Thanks for the advice about the water. It is no big deal to stick to the good old tap water. I have repied to you Mrs V on a number of threads now. Isn't this a great site. If I told any of my non virtual friends I was doin the CD they would all go crazy at me. One of the reasons is that my friends are either totally normal size or overweight. I want to do this alone (but with your help) so that people cannot demotivate or sabbotage it. You know what it is like when peopel do this and I am not making excuses.
Last time I did CD like I said 15 plus years ago, actually more like 20 when I think of it I did wonderful. 3 years ago I lost about one and a half stone and people started to tell me to be careful and not lose too much weight despite the fact that I was a size 16. Sometimes you can't win.
Hi hun!

I have replied to you on the other threads too!!!
This site is fantastic, mainly because people are going through the same things that we are, when we all think at some stage that we are on our own.
All my friends are the same - they are all "normal" size and can eat whatever they like without gaining an ounce! I only have to look at a cake and I gain 3 stone!
They can't understand why I would want to "starve" myself (in their words). I think they just prefer to have someone be the chunky friend, as long as it's not them ......well, move over, I'm coming through!!!