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I did it ... Day 1 over!

Iv survived ... So far - and actually I didn't find it difficult at all ... How does my menu look for day one?

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs done in the microwave and a 0% fat strawberry yoghurt (no fruit bits!)

Lunch: seafood mix included prawns mussells and crabsticks

Snack - skinny latte with skimmed milk

Dinner: tuna steak with cottage cheese and a boiled egg and 0% vanilla yoghurt

Does that look ok? I'm very full up! I didn't have any oat bran today but I'm going to grt some tomorrow so il make sure I add it into my Day

I'm feeling so positive!
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well done woody, all looks good - i'd query the yoghurt though - what brand was it? did you check the nutrition and ingredients? if it's got added sugar of any kind it's no good. ideally you should be looking for something that has a higher protein than carb reading.

most of us prefer to buy natural or greek and sweeten/flavour it ourselves


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Well done Woody!! Looks like a great 1st day and your motivation is fabulous... stick with it. Def do what Emmma says... check those yogurts. Honestly though - doing the non-fat plain and adding your own sweetner really does the trick and there's no worrying about it later :)

And definitely don't forget your oatbran. The Gallette is an amazing/filling snack - just don't make the mistake I did which was eating it right before bed each night. As soon as I stopped, my loss stall did too!

Best of luck :)


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I'll have to query that skinny latte with skimmed milk. Was it from Starbucks? :) If so, no worries in attack, but we recently discovered that it actually contains more than one's daily allowance of milk in Cruise. Double, in fact!


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I'll have to query that skinny latte with skimmed milk. Was it from Starbucks? :) If so, no worries in attack, but we recently discovered that it actually contains more than one's daily allowance of milk in Cruise. Double, in fact!
Depending on the size you order (hopefully not Grande??). If it was conventional mug-sized 250ml (not sure how many fl oz or what they call it - 'mini' maybe?) then you're okay in Cruise too, but do remember to count that as half your daily milk... And no chocolate sprinkles! :D


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No, you're not but 8oz US is 250ml (close enough:236.58 millilitres) and a latte is half milk half coffee - no? I know nothing about coffee ;-) but I assumed that it was - that's how I hand-make it at home ;). Or is it two-thirds milk? In any case the 250 ml includes *some* coffee :) But you're probably right!

Sorry I missed some of the other thread where this was discussed.


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Yes on the Starbucks site it says expresso + milk so that's mainly milk if I gauge by the dribble they give you in a tiny cup here for an expresso!

So only in attack are these drinks A-OK... In cruise, only the short 8oz one and it represent the entire milk allowance.

I wonder how often these have been responsible for a stall because I for one never list my drinks so don't expect others to! (I drink black coffee, mind!)
yep starbucks :)

I had the smallest one with skimmed milk and no syrup or anything - just sweetner. I didnt have any other milk yesterday so i assumed it would be okay.

However, I fear i have just completely messed up because i cracked open a packet of tuna steak with lime and chilli on it and as i was tucking in i realised it was probably oil so iv had to throw the rest away feeling terrible that iv probably wasted my yesterday and today ... and now im really hungry :-(


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Have you nothing else to eat? Packets of shop made food tend to not work for us as they can't seem to resist using oil or sugar etc.

Find yourself something to eat before you starve! Chicken. Boiled eggs. Crabsticks.

Then you need to work on some menus for the rest of attack!
Nope nothing - I work in the middle of no where and have a report that has be done yesterday so Im here til thats done ... and it's not going to be done anytime soon :-( im not going to starve but just really upset with myself for eating most of it before realising ... do i need to start Attack again tomorrow now?


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No. Just add a day on the end. Check the packaging. Let us know what's in it (the oil probably is the least of your worries; I'd guess there are far worse things in there!) We try to lead people away from pre packaged stuffs sent to try us... you slipped that one in sneakily!
I just saw tuna and thought "that looks nice" im not very good at this diet stuff! I thought I was sticking to the rules though .. gutted :-( an extra day it is (which makes me feel like iv started all over again because i only had day 1 yesterday!) what a donut! haha (mmmm donuts)
ingredients were:
yellowfin tuna, water, sunflower oil (ooops), lime juice, red chillis, vinegar, coriander leaves, salt, garlic, lemongrass, thickner

okay, lesson learnt ... check the ingredients or just dont eat packaged food! doh!
Hi Woody! You are my Dukan diet buddy as we began on the same day!!

You can make a similar tuna steak yourself!

Get some chilli flakes or a whole chilli,
a tiny weeny bit of lime juice, (just for the aroma)
a bit of vinegar (for the acidity)
minced garlic cloves,
a bit of minced ginger,
lemongrass (or 1 Kaffir lime leave soaked in a tablespoon of water),
handful of coriander,

Then blend it together into a paste and spread it on your tuna steak. wrap up in foil and bake away! Or if you don't have a blender, you can mix it but I don't like the chopped coriander leaves going brown (for some reason, blended ones stay a bit greener,) so I'd add them fresh at the end if mixing.

I used to make this before Dukan with a whole lime and bit of tequilla in it but let's pretend that tequilla doesn't exist!


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Mmmm! Katy that sounds good! I'm just doing salmon parcels, with chopped spring onions, small amount of soy sauce and squashed chopped fresh ginger. Bake for 15 to 20 mins at Gas 5. Serving with asparagus and a few carrot sticks.
By the way, I read on another site that asparagus can speed things up a bit - does anyone else know about this?
Thanks Katy! That sounds delish! Yes by all means let's be Dukan buddy's! I need someone to bounce off when I have days like today - I just left an evening with friends because I was struggling being in the pub while everyone was eating nuts and drinking beer .... And I now find myself sitting in the car outside tesco with a packet of crab sticks and some diet coke haha
OOh topaz, thats my saturday dinner sorted! thanks! just that I'll have to steam mine as I don't have a (working) oven!

Woody - I did that! Well my friends met up in Starbucks this afternoon. They were drinking Vanilla cream frapuccinos and eating cookies and cream cake! I had to leave. I was feeling so grumpy, horrible headache and was beginning to taste the ketones on my breath. At one point I couldn't focus on the conversation I wanted to snatch the cake! The odd thing is, I don't even really like cake! I went home and ate 2 boiled egg whites and I felt completely better! The only time I felt like this was when I quit smoking. I wanted to snatch cigarettes off strangers, but within a few weeks it was all but forgotten about! So I keep telling myself it is the same here, just a phase.


** Chief WITCH **
oh ladies you sound so sad! Evenings in pubs aren't the best perhaps, but I'm quite content with a diet coke (provided I've eaten, else I'll fight you for the peanuts!). As for Starbucks and cake, I'm meeting someone from the forum TOMORROW in a cafe and we're bringing our own Dukan muffins! Black coffee, sit away from the counter, and nibble away. No one's ever noticed me do that!

Come on! Social life hasn't come to an end... and just think how much weight those drinkers and peanut eaters will have gained last night ;)

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