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I Did it - I cheated

:( I had a bowl of lettuce with sweetcorn and pappers and cucumber + vinager - how much damage to my week do you think ive done?

Will my body come out of ket
Will the salt in the vinagar reatain water?
Hey Tiffers, hope you aren't having a go at yourself poppet, you may have come out of ketosis, the only way to find out is to test yourself with Ketostix...have you got any? The best thing to do is keep drinking the water and have the rest of your packs and just put it behind you. You wouldn't have done alot of damage babe, the only thing would be the vinegar may have citric acid in it which causes us to come out of ketosis.

Hope this helps?

Take care x
Tatty x
Very little damage done I would have thought, far better than slipping and binging. Put it behind you and move on.
Thanks Girls - I was SO in need of something to chew. I thought that would be the best " Naughtyness" do you really think it will be ok at my WI Monday?
Hi Tiffers

It doesn't sound like a serious cheat :) I had a few extra bits in my AAM salad on Wednesday and it didn't make me come out of Ketosis but I know everyone is different. You might be fine!

Mine was a prepacked salad and I intended to pick out the bits I shouldn't have but I ate them :rolleyes: The extra things were bits of peppers, red onion, 6 cherry tomatoes and a third of the sachet of dressing (had vinegar in amongst other things) I was fine, so hopefully you will be too :)

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