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I did it... I had all my hair cut off :) OT

I decided that I am NOT going to wait till goal weight to start making changes...
Some I can make now...
So I decided to have all my hair cut short... it was shoulder length a bit longer than in my profile pic...

I thought if I hate it, it will grow back, but I really like it!

What do you think... my OH say's I look very different than before . What do you think?

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I love it-I think it really suits you! Love the colour too.:)


Going for Goal!
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ditto - it's a lovely cut and suits your face shape so well. You're so brave doing it!!! But it's paid off well x x x
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It looks really good :) Makes your face look so different!


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Hey tillyfloss.
Your hair looks great!! it really suits you.. You do look very different. Well done for taking the step to be who you want to be x


can see the end in sight!
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i love it!!!! gorgeous. i am considering a drastic cut, but not quite as short as that, ear length but longer at the front. have yet to find the perfect one, but i love your look!


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Wow, you look fab! :D

Definitely suits you. Well done for taking the plunge, girl! :happy096:
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well done its gorgeous xxx


Trying very hard!
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Love it! You look really fresh and happy. Makes you look younger as well x


Trying to stay healthy!
wow Tilly, you look absolutely amazing!!! it suits you so well!! and makes you look much younger too, i like the little reddy bits at the front are they new too or just show up more now shorter?



loves the moon and cats!
Oh wow Tilly you look great! It makes you look so much younger ( not that I,m saying you're old) :) I was thinking of taking the plunge and getting a shorter crop as mine is a grown out bob with no shape or style. You've inspired me to go for it :greenapple:


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verfy nice!
am blushing now...
I feel younger to be honest... it's like shedding an old favourite coat.. loathe to do it but feel much better now I have taken the plunge.



Say it in Dr Evil style!!
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OMG!! tilly ive cut my off too and gone for a fringe!!

ohh u look fantastic! i had the same thought as u why wait and ive wanted my hair down for so long ...it makes u look sooooooo different u changed loads and i only saw u on monday!! ahhaa


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
S: 25st9.5lb C: 25st4lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st5.5lb(1.53%)
i took a piccy ill have to upload it to show u laters as if i get the camerea out now infront of the kids they go mad wanting to play photo shoots and i have no energy for that!! ...

your looking so fab and younger too!!

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