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I did it!

Broke the 100lbs lost barrier on Thursday - yay! - and not afraid to say that I'm proud of myself and everything I've achieved. Having struggled with a heart condition for most of last year, I'm now all fixed and loving how my body is responding to being well and seven stones lighter! It seemed like such a long road when I got stuck in at the beginning of last year, and certainly life tried to get in the way rather a lot. But I've made it this far, and I'm definitely energised to keep going to my target.

Sometimes it's the little things, like the lovely new Next (normal shop!) blouse I have on today. Sometimes it's the big things, like hitting the century mark or the next stone or BMI level or whatever. But there is inspiration to be found just about anywhere. If the goal seems too far ahead sometimes, look back and see how far you've already come - it's all about perspective!

Keep at it folks! Love to all... xx :)
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THat is an amazing loss - too right you should be proud. Well done on achieving such a landmark! :)


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WOW! Absolutley brilliant!! Well done!!!



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Congratulations on losing so much weight!!!:bliss: I hope to be like you one day. :cross: Did you just know that this time was the time it was going to happen for you? How do you feel walking around in this new body?
Thats incredable. Congratulations :)
Awwww thanx everyone, lovely of you to take the time and effort to post. :)

@ Faustina: I suppose i did "just know" that it would work, although saying that this is the first time I've ever made a concerted effort, especially getting outside help/support. It was more a question of "just knowing" that everything else out there wouldn't suit my appetite and the things I like to eat. Then I came across Slimming World and realised straight away that I could make it work for me. It's all horses for courses and I know some people prefer the restrictions of other diets, but anything that makes it difficult for me to eat when I'm hungry or have big satisfying portions would not have been worth it for me!

And how do I feel in my new body? - bleeping brilliant! Sometimes I find myself doing a double take - like the other day I saw some photos that had been taken on a recent night out and had a split-second flash of "who's that cute bird with my other half?" and then realised it was me! How funny! I've still got a little way to go, got some stubborn areas that are taking longer to shift the extra inches, but I can't get enough of going shopping (skint!) in regular shops and choosing what I want to wear in the mornings rather than what is likely to be least uncomfortable today. The only potentially negative things is that, to fix my heart problem, I had a pacemaker fitted last year. I've now lost so much weight across my chest and neck/shoulders that it's starting to come to the surface at one end and is much more obvious to the naked eye than I had hoped it would be. Not that I was ever going to have the perfect bikini body, but it is something I could have done without. However, I tell myself that it's a nice problem to have - my heart is fixed and I'm losing weight. I'd rather be looking at a prominent lump in my chest than 7 stones of fat! Like i said, it's all about perspective.

Anyways, (((((big hugs))))) everyone and good luck on your journey. It's worth the effort, believe me. :D

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