I did it :)


Do you guys remember a few days ago i put up a design for a tattoo i wanted...?



Hehehe... What dya think?
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I love tats.

Thats lovely


Lol i don't think i'm brave, i've been tattoo'd at least 10 times now, probably more hahah xx


Is so very nearly there!
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Cool stuff love! x


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Looks fab!! Iv had one tatoo and id love another, im just not as brave as you!! it hurt like hell!! but i am the biggest wimp out! I think i might set weight goals and if i reach them treat myself to a tat as a well done to me present! x


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looks great and the saying really means something to you,
ouch though im a baby when it comes to needles and pain lol


Ah tattoo's don't hurt - they are just a bit uncomfortable :) xx


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That looks good. x

I'm amazed at how 'un-red' the area looks. Mine are always bright scarlet for a few days!!


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looks lovely, one of my fave fonts, david beckham has alot of his writing in the same font as that


Lol thanks hun. I found the font on powerpoint haha xx


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Aww its cute :) I have a foot tattoo which I love amongst many others and this year need to finish my sleeve, I have the top half down, just need to move down my arm now. I love ink and inked men more so ..who knows once I am at target weight I may get myself a heavily inked god lol


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Cool tat!

I have a rose in the same place, i actually liked the pain of the needle bouncing off my ankle bone (i know that sounds odd but it was a nice pain iykwim)!


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It's a bearable pain really. I want one more but I don't know where to put it!


I've figured out i've got 7 tattoo's and been tattoo'd 13 times (alterations and cover ups) and i want MORE!! lol xxx


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I have 8. I want one 'jazzed up' as I think it looks a bit plain and I want some japanese writing