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I DO Mean it this time!

Hi all, hope you don't mind if I join you?
I've been sitting reading some of the truly inspirational threads on this forum to try and divert me from rushing into the kitchen to stuff my face :sigh:

I had lost 5 stone until earlier this year (using first LL and then CD) and was under 21 stone for the first time in over 10 years! This morning I am 24 stone exactly :cry:

I have been trying to get back on the treadmill for weeks now but have finally been prompted to do so by the fact that my diabetes seems to be getting worse (lots of low blood sugar moments induced by too much refined carbs) and also by my other half telling me a 'funny' story.......At the weekend he went out with his mates and was talking to a young woman that he knows vaguely. This is not a problem, he's a big boy and I trust him! The problem was the 'funny' bit of the story. He apparently told this girl that he liked the dress she was wearing and then said 'it's from Jane Norman isn't it?' at which point she was amazed 'cos it was, and all his mates took the micky out of him for knowing that! My problem with this was the Jane Norman dress and the fact that for the last 10 years I haven't fitted in anything from that shop, and indeed many many others, except a ruddy handbag!! :rolleyes:

Anyway, the upshot of this is that I am definitely back on the diet. I want to be able to wear the clothes that I actually want to wear, not just what will fit and looks ok-ish. I've still got some shakes and soups left and am wondering whether to go back to CD or just to buy some on-line 'cos I do feel like I need a break from food and I know that it does work for me and balances the diabetes.

Just thought I'd introduce mayself and say 'Hi' to everyone I know that I will be using this group for support and I hope that I hope I shall soon have an inspirational story of my own :)

Polly x
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hi sweets you're in the right place for support, best of luck you can do it this time! x


Full Member
Hi Polly, I understand where you are coming from and with the help and support form the people on this site you can and will lose the weight in a healthy way and manage to have a laugh along the way.

Join a group (or two) so you get to know a few people really well that way your support network is in place and you can chat to them anytime you want, it doesn't matter if the group has been running for a while as new members are always welcome.

Take care and remember to have fun along the way.
R x :)
hello and :welcome: to the forums! Everyone on here is lovely and there is loads of support and advice! You sound motivated to lose the weight and the fact that you lost so much the last time will help you immensely as you already know that you can do it!

Good luck on your weight loss journey!
Sharkbait1983 x
Wishing you all the very best LongtallPolly. Take it one day at a time, chipping away at the lumpy bits and before you know you'll be smooth as silk! Dont forget to look in on the forum regularly to keep on track and follow each other progress, it so inspirational reading of others works in progress, and we are a very supportive bunch! :)
Hi Polly and welcome. Brilliant that you know what works for you and that the weight will come off. Do you fancy joining in with a couple of challenges? They're really motivating and you'll get lots of support. We are the same height - so we'll both be tall and slim at the end of our journeys:D
Thank You all SO much for such a warm welcome! I must confess I've not started yet 'cos there are a couple of events over this weekend to deal with first.....didn't seem sensible to set myself up for failure by jumping the gun! So Monday is start day for me and the first goal is to lose 5 stone by christmas which would put me under 20 stone!
Will definitely be using this group for support and advice and occasional kicks up the bum - lol

Good luck one and all

Polly x
how are you getting on polly?x

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