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I do not like milk

I was the same and cannot drink milk, however there is milk already in the packs and to be honest, adding soya milk or normal milk to the packs just made them a little creamy, they didnt taste milky at all. I used full fat milk then you just have a little added to each shake and water it down as much as you like.

Just give it a try the day before your meeting and if you really cannot stand it then speak to your LLC and they will be able to help. I was advised that maybe I could have a little cheese or someting adding up to 500 cals a day, however that really is a last resort as at this early stage you really need to stay 100% ss as you can so very easily fall off the wagon having done so well for all these weeks, amazing that little bit of food can be an absolute disaster to all your hard work.

Good luck, hope you like it (or can tolorate it) in the end.

Lisa xx


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The packs mostly consist of powdered milk anyway. The official government guideline is that noone should be on a vlcd for more than 12 weeks without upping the calories to a lcd for a week. You could consider ignoring the advice I suppose.....


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I know all the nutrients we need are already in the packs but could you not take calcium tablets for the week?

I think it's something you'll either have to have answered by the LLC or see what one of the more savvy ones has to say.
Milk week is completely optional according to my LLC. I know that it's NICE guidelines and everything, but I didn't do it at 12 weeks, and didn't touch a drop until last week, when I was at goal, but wanted to do one more week. Because I was feeling a bit hungry I added milk on occasional days by having a milky coffee (couldn't bear it anymore in tea or ordinary coffee).

Don't have it if you don't want it and just keep on going!
I'm the same as poppy, I'm on week 24 and haven't done any 'milk weeks', by rights I should be doing my second one this week but just choose not to, my LLC doesn't mention it at all and as far as I know it isn't one of those things that you *have* to do; let's face it, how does anyone besides you know if you do it or not anyway!
Thanks guys for all the replies. Some of the packs are at the edge of creamy taste for me like the Thai and Mushroom, While the Chicken and Vanilla are given a wide berth because of their creamy taste. I hope my LLC says it is optional then I can totally ignore milk week like you poppy.
I did abstinence for 8 months and never had a milk week. LLC only mentioned it in passing and said it was up to us. It can slow your loss that week then speed it up again but nobody in my group did it so that's just hearsay!
Don't worry about it, they can't force you to do it and won't give you a blood test to check!
While the Chicken and Vanilla are given a wide berth because of their creamy taste.
I never tasted Chicken and Vanilla - what an odd combination! :D :giggle:

I hope my LLC says it is optional then I can totally ignore milk week like you poppy.
Its the same with all LLCs, even if she does say to do it, you do not have to do it. I was about the only one in my group that did it. Just me and one other lady.

Its a personal decision. I chose to do it, for health as we ask an awful lot of our bodies through this. But I like milk.

I would NOT reccomend having cheese in its place!! Cheese is not intorduced until the very last week of RTM. Bad idea to have it now!

Good luck!!



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My LLC told us that it is optional andf most of the women who go onto development that she has had have not done it. I think it is a personal decision. I think I may do it just to give my body a bit of a kick. And as BL said, you're putting your body through a hell of a lot with this particular diet so it would be good to give it a bit of a break.

Just do what is right for you.

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